Tech Week

Again.  All I have to say about today is that I spent 16.5 hours (over the past week) making something detailed, meticulous, and impressive, only to have it used (despite my careful research and questioning) in fashion that is completely (and dare I say obviously) contrary to the construction and all conceivable logic.  Such is life, but it still hurts.

I was having silent convulsions in my vomitorium, whispering jumbled words to myself such as “upside down” and “no…No…NOOO you can’t DO that” and “Not the BACK, you CAN’T SHOW THE BACK”.  Fortunately, we were finished soon after I reached the stage of bashing my head against the wall in a failed attempt to be absorbed into it.

I doubt anyone else cares, but that doesn’t really sooth the pain.

2 Responses to “Tech Week”

  1. froooggy Says:

    grok grok grok.

  2. lizard Says:

    Oh mousey, I miss you… don’t hurt yourself by banging your head against a wall

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