I’ve been lazy.  I meant to show photos a long time ago.  The plan is to go room by room, day by day.  (That will take four days.  Here is day one.)

The kitchen!


See that pile of crap in the left-hand corner?  Yeah.  Please ignore.  That’s recycling that I need to drive up to the school and foist.

What you can’t see in the foreground…I am standing in a curved archway.  There is another curved archway just in front of the stove (leading to the bedroom), the main door on my left, and the refrigerator directly on my right.

Amanda–note the bottle of Chianti next to the sink.

Gosh, that was some hard work.  You know, taking a photo and posting it.  I guess it’s a strength that you have to maintain…

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  1. Amanda Says:

    yay for being 21!!! enjoy that chianti!

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