I have spent the last hour debating what sort of excuse I can give for my long absence from writing. These are the best of them:
1) My yarn turned against me.

No, really. It decided that I was too neglectful and did not have the strength of will to face my unfinished projects, and so cocooned me in a giant wooly tomb. (With a little silk, alpaca, and mohair for added deadliness). Fortunately, I was armed at the time with an extra sharp set of addi turbos, and managed to find the end of one of the skeins. It was a struggle, but finally I escaped by knitting it all into a giant pterodactyl. But alas! I can’t show you the evidence, as the moment I finished hiding my ends with great satisfaction, it took flight off into the sky and disappeared forever. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

2) I was asleep

for the entire space of the last three days. My head was just so heavy that I collapsed in a nest of blankets and partially finished shawls (don’t worry, they’re all on circular needles) and could not get up again. Eventually I fell into a thick sleep and got stuck. Honestly, I tried everything I could to wake up, but nothing would do. When I finally stopped fighting I awoke, overcome with guilt and pain, and could not bring myself to write a single word.

3) I made The Wonderful Flight To The Mushroom Planet. Read the book for reference. It was a childhood favorite in this house, along with Finn Family Moomintroll and the other Moominbooks.

All right, all right! The truth is that I am lazy. Moreso than you can possibly imagine. I have been sitting around watching movies (movies that I have already seen, no less!) when I am not at work.

At least it was pretty today. We had a huge storm in the morning, or maybe two? I don’t remember because I was very asleep. The thunder was so loud though that I, Mouse Courtois, at the oh-so-sophisticated (hah!) age of nineteen years, reached for my ancient stuffed mouse and clung to her for the duration. Like the world was ending. You see, in my sleep I forgot that the trees in the Haisley woods are not nearly close enough to fall on our house, and I was terrified that one was going to come crashing through my ceiling. I did NOT want to be messily squished. Anyway, it made everything really green and the birds were squawking (with something other than fear, like they were doing this morning). I like grey days.

Trees have fallen on this house before…

Two more storms have rolled though since then, although for a space of time we did have some sun.

I owe you a Bonnaroo post. I have decided to go day by day, but before I give you Thursday here is the current state of my knitting:


The Peacock Feathers Shawl. It is a little farther along now, as I took it to Ambrosia today with my book. (Grace, I missed you. It was sad, although I think Germany and the yarn you’re hoarding there kind of make up for it. Yeah, don’t even try to tell me that you’re not. Just come home with the yarn so I can try to steal it, and all will be well.)

Uh…I started a new project. It’s stash yarn, so don’t judge! See, the Yarn Harlot is coming in July, and Amanda and I are knitting her snowdrop shawl for when she comes. (The pattern can be downloaded from her sidebar). We are using the same yarn, Alpaca with a Twist laceweight. Hers is pink, and mine is grey. The color on the screen is not true, it is slightly darker. I meant to get a picture of them together but I forgot. We started last night…why did no one tell me it was so fun to knit the same thing at the same time?

The second red socks just need a toe. I’ll explain why they are not done in the Friday Bonnaroo post.

Before I forget, a random dream flashback just came back to me. At some point in the night, I dreamed that the police could pull you over for having messy hair while driving, with the reasoning that it could be obscuring your vision. I don’t remember if I myself got pulled over, or if I saw someone else getting pulled over. But wouldn’t that be strange if they could do that?

We arrived in Manchester at 9:30 Michigan time. I am not going to go into detail about all the time we spent being turned around, but basically it was difficult to figure out where on earth we were supposed to go. For future reference, saying “I’m sorry” is not enough if you go right around and repeat the same thing you just apologized for. It is especially not enough after the third time you try it.

It was 2:00 Michigan time when we actually parked in the field. Yes, that is 4.5 hours after our arrival. My entrance was spectacular. I found what was probably the only thistle in that entire area within minutes, managed to scrape up my ankle, and bled all over my right birkenstock.

We set up camp, and lazed about in a manner that suggested a desperate need for a nap. Around six, we dredged ourselves up, and went off to investigate.


Daddy on the main path, with his Camelbak.

We scoped out the area, and were immediately sucked into the first music tent we heard, like moths to the light.

I-Nine was the first band we saw. It was nothing special, but not bad either. Too wannabe 60s rock for me, though. After a few songs I was done, so we moved to the next thing. We found this:


The mushroom fountain. Yes, this was mainly a hippie festival. This was an important part of the Centeroo area. One thing that would turn out well throughout the weekend was that they were really good about providing water. It was very easy to dehydrate, and people would keep cool by standing under the fountain water.
Next we found the tent where Matt Costa was playing. And also, here is where we got smart and started taking pictures:


I was not familiar with his music previously, but I really enjoyed his performance. Music is always different live, though. I fully intend to look up some of his recordings to confirm my first impression. It can be difficult to tell how much you really like something when you have only heard a small bit of it live, but then again my musical instinct rarely fails me. When I get around to doing that I’ll let you know what I think.

Now, here is the strangest part of our day, or perhaps of the entire festival. We moved on to see the band Dios, who I was not too fond of.

They were simply too loud, and their music was…well…not that musical. (Perhaps they are better recorded? I shall attempt to do them justice by finding a recording and listening before I make a true decision.)

But the strange part! See the metal scaffolding in the foreground, where the lights are hanging? It is in the background too. Well, suddenly a stark naked man starts climbing up the left post of the scaffolding. The entire audience (and I suspect the band, although to be honest I was a little distracted at the time) had shifted their attention to the man. We were all captivated, and at the same time trying not to look. I really don’t think that anyone wanted to see that.

He climbed all the way up to the top. Then he sort of monkeybar-ed out about a foot along the horizontal bit, and hung there.

Let me restate this, just so I can be sure that you get it. There was a naked man swinging haphazardly from the light scaffolding (which was probably rather hot) about twenty feet above the stage. Bizarre?? Uh…yes!

I looked down for about two seconds to see something in my knitting, and when I looked back up he was gone. I think that I am glad that I was not looking when he fell!! Of course it did not really matter as we could not see his landing place, but people falling through the air? Not my sort of thing. We waited around for another few songs, mostly to see what would happen, but nothing came of it. I can’t help thinking that he must have broken something though. It would be sheer luck if he fell on empty stage rather than equiptment, but what if he had fallen on another person? And equiptment or no, that was not a soft fall.

It was pretty late by this point, so we decided to go back to the tent. On our way back through the Centeroo area, I was hoplessly seduced by the sound of gentle singing and a violin. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love violins?) It was a band called Devotchka. We only listened for a few songs, as it had been a long day. This is another band that I need to look up, as I do not have a clear idea of what they are about. It sounded good to my tired ears though.

We fell into our sleeping bags and crashed, while everyone around us drank too much etc…, ensuring that they would miss some of the most important music of Friday. At least they were having fun though. =D

This ends Thursday’s post. Eek! Hopefully I’ll get to Friday tomorrow, but don’t count on it. It depends on how I feel. Right now though, it is quite past my bedtime.  Hopefully I can tear myself away from the shawls in the next half hour and actually sleep…

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    yes, yarn is being abundantly horded. all sock so far. i resisted getting you some that resembled hairy intestine as a joke.

    i miss you and ambrosia.

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