“How many ipods do you need to survive?”

*sniffle…sniffle…ah..AH-CHOO! stumble stumble flop*

I have a cold. It’s not actually that bad, but it is making me incredibly sleepy. My only question is, where was it last winter? We all know what my winter clothing habits are like, so now in the spring this is completely out of the blue. Go figure. A nap–and far too much tea–later, I am just awake enough to drag myself around and write papers. *pause…sniiiff…* Okay. Onward.

So, how many ipods *do* you need in order to survive? That was a comment from my anthropology professor this morning, referring to industrialization. I personally found it hilarious to think of multiple ipods attached to each person, barely preventing them from certain and impending death. However, I was also the only person in the room laughing…Oh well. But then I actually started to think about it. No, really. Next time you come into contact with a high school, just take a few minutes and walk around the halls. How many students are walking around with headphones? Is it social isolation? Are they trying to make a statement? Are they simply listening to music? Or maybe it really is the life support of my generation. It’s an phenomenon worth pondering, if I ever finish the other things I need to do first.

On an entirely different note, yesterday morning Moom came to take The Sneak* and I to The Crow’s Nest for breakfast/lunch. (Aside–If you are ever in Kalamazoo, go to The Crow’s Nest for breakfast. Get the banana bread french toast. You’ll die of happiness. If you don’t, get a box and bring it to me so I can. Instead of syrup they have this spread that is less sweet, but melts a little. It’s perfect. *swoons*) The point of this story, before I get really off-track discussing food and whatnot, is that the waitress who served us has a daughter named Mouse. Surprise, I’m not the only one! The difference is that I chose my name at one-and-a-half, while the other Mouse was stuck with it by her mother’s doing. Maybe she’ll feel better, knowing that she’s not alone in the world.

Please keep in mind that Jeremy would apparently like to be referred to in the future as..uh..”Precious Jem”, if we are to go by his comment. Right. The worst part is that he asked me how to spell precious, and I told him. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Lest this incident gives the impression otherwise, I should probably add that he is a brilliant writer and has no trouble with spelling.

Finally, thanks for all the comments. I’m not sure I have that many interesting things to say, and I do have the unfortunate tendency to wander off the original point rather frequently. Perhaps it’s worse this time as I didn’t quite have a point to start with. Like I said in the first post, if you’re bored don’t waste your time here.

Have you made it to the end? Congratulations, I’m impressed!! Knitting should follow withing a few days, once I get the pictures to work. *poof! disappears!*

*The Sneak: My older sister Lizzy. Once again, don’t bother to ask about the names.

10 Responses to ““How many ipods do you need to survive?””

  1. Nikki Says:

    oh mouse, i’m going to enjoy reading this I think.

  2. SNEAK Says:

    dr. baptiste is sweet. as is the crow’s nest. as are jenny lewis and the watson twins, who have been my form of socially isolating life support today. my favorite anthropology quote of the day was “some ethnicities are like spaghetti stains you can’t get out” meant in the most politically correct of ways. it was wonderful.

  3. Amanda Says:

    mouse… i love you. you are too funny, and TOTALLY deserving of a blog.

    this is gonna be fun… i can se it now!

  4. moom Says:

    where did “the sneak” come from?

    I am moom, I can ask.

    And i don’t get the spaghetti stain thing but then I am just an old garbage woman 😉

  5. froooogy Says:

    grokgrokgrokGROK! Dumb old garbage woman is right! grok grok

    I gotta go get some frog juice. Seeya later. grok grok frgok

  6. Sammy Says:

    …and some say ethnicity is simply situational and self-defined, essentially the opposite of a stain…

  7. moom Says:

    eeek! I used to be surrounded by engineers, now I am surrounded by anthropologists!

    In both cases, a big whoooooshing noise.

  8. Sammy Says:

    “surrounded by anthropologists”—har!—could be worse; could be surrounded…by froooogies!, drinking frog juice!

  9. SNEAK Says:

    i tend to agree with you, sam the archaeologist. we were talking about ethnicity in the eyes of the state in the context of language, which may make it a bit more applicable.

  10. sheep Says:

    knitting pictures, meep? i sit in anticipation.

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