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So much for “blogging”.

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

I really started doing this so Mama Duck wouldn’t feel left out while I was busy with school. It always sounds like such a good idea, because if I kept up with it I might feel more obligation to finish things as I start them. I always read other people’s blogs and think how nice it is to see progress updates, inspiration, and new techniques. Most importantly, the best blogs could be used as an interactive timeline for when things got started, finished, shunted aside…

Sadly, I’m just not that organized most of the time. If anyone ever bothers to check anymore…here you go.

Breakfast, in the form of avocado bacon toast.


I’m living on the South side of town with a cave-dwelling cookie monster,  where I’ve finally readopted my plants. The jade plant is even healthy enough that it’s grown two branches over the summer!! If you’d seen its previous sad state of neglect, you would be as surprised as I was.


Home is decidedly an apartment, but I can hardly complain with such a nice balcony. Oh–and there are ducks that frequent the yard between my building and the next one. Yes, please! It’s a lovely place for hand sewing and coffee.


Which is probably why I spent most of my summer doing this.


There are occasional setbacks such as this “pin”…


But it couldn’t dull my insistence for silk-lined pockets.


Fortunately, I finally acquired a reasonable sewing “table”, though I’d be lying if I told you it still looked like that. Craft supplies have a unique way of refusing to be orderly.


I’ve also resumed breadmaking, which I can’t say I’ve done in about ten years. I’ve particularly been enjoying this webpage, which is excellent if you’re good at guessing URL tags and/or using search functions to find things that are improperly linked. The dough below is for the traditional sour rye recipe, which I’m not sure I’ll like but which looked unbearably fun. For the record, it’s exactly as fun as it sounds. Still two more steps to go.


Finally, I gave in to the overwhelming urge to make sourdough. As a semi-experienced baker who has not worked with sourdough it’s still too early to tell if I’ve succeeded, but after two feedings it smells decidedly sour with increasingly noticeable bubbles. I’d say it’s going well. I’m using Professor Calvel’s recipe, which is much thicker than most and initially includes small quantities of salt and dried barley malt. It also starts with rye flour, then shifts entirely to white as you continue to feed it. I’m especially pleased by the idea of setting a trap for wild yeast in my kitchen. This photo is just before the third rising phase. It’s much more cohesive and smooth than the initial dough.


That’s all I have for now. If you’re good, I might post some knitting and/or bread photos later this week.