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No time to ____.

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Knit? Sew? Spin? Read? Listen? Sleep? Cook? Draw? Clean? Hike? (…


Linzertorte, à la Kelsey.

I suppose having “no time” is a theoretical impossibility, and yet somehow I never seem to get anything done. I’m not really sure that I have any “followers”, but it can’t hurt to make an appearance? (Actually, I do have one: hi Moom, I love you too.)I’ve been working for Kilwin’s Chocolates in Ann Arbor for about eight months, which is a nice change from school. Sometimes I wish I were better at filling my brain before I go in, but I’m usually busy enough that it doesn’t matter. I currently work as a cook, which entails working on a copper kettle to make caramel, fudge, caramel corn varieties, and brittle. We also have small kettles to make chocolate-dipped items, etc. The question people ask us most frequently is “how do you all stay so skinny when you work HERE?” It’s rather silly considering that we regularly lug 50 lb. boxes up and down the stairs, not to mention the energy that goes into working on your feet and controlling the kettle. I’ll admit there’s an element of “product control”, but most of us really don’t eat that much of the product. When I’m hungry at work I usually crave salt, so I just eat pretzels. (Crunchy, delicious, salt-delivery vessels.)


Vintage; amber glass. 

 The rest of my year has involved a lot of starting projects, thinking about starting projects, really seriously intending to start projects, and finding that I can’t find enough time to commit to any of those intentions past the first three hours.A few fortunate projects have survived from start to finish, including this one:


Colette Patterns; Ceylon.

I haven’t managed to take a photo of the finished product so far, but it did turn out very well. Her patterns are always well-balanced, carefully drafted, and clearly explained. My only discontent is that her smallest size is still a full inch above my measurements, but I’m quite adept at grading so it’s not really a problem. I’d heard that her sizing ran small and so made this in size 0 without grading. It looks fine on me, but if I’m not standing up exactly straight  the bodice gaps away from my body. I should have known better; her 0 is equivalent to a women’s 2-4. (I should also learn to use slopers when I’m not designing, but it’s such a huge time suck that I have trouble committing.)

I made Macaron next, this time grading down a full pattern size This worked quite well, although I should have included a small bust adjustment in my re-draftings as designs for a C-average. I took in an extra inch+ which worked quite well with this particular dress construction. The seams are only about 3/8″ off. At any rate, I love the pockets and the sheer contrast I used makes it good for cooking.


Er…as you can see, I haven’t taken a real photo of this one either. However, I don’t think you can really complain as you got the Penguin and our Proof of Beer Pockets for free. Isn’t that the hinge of any truly successful christmas dress? (Thanks to Karen/DogMomster for the photo!!)

I’m going to call that a good start. I’m not going to promise any near-future updates as those always seem to be empty, but if I do take any real photos I’ll probably think of it. Now I’m required to go eat my body weight in Real Food to counteract the month I’ve just spent preparing for holiday sales. I suggest you do the same.

<:3 )~