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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Current computer background:


Who knew these little bushes had flowers?! (Probably everyone but me.)


Yesterday resulted in the first sunburn of the year. All I wanted to do was read outside, but the sun had other plans. I still seem to have some extra sun resistance in my face, arms, upper back, upper chest, shins, and feet. However, I was lying on my stomach. Now I have burns down the backs of my thighs, knees, and calves.

It’s not as bad as last summer’s discovery: there is a very definitive line on my back where the sun resistance stops. I had a burn on that line that lasted for two weeks. Ow!!

To be completely random…

Last week’s book list:

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay – Michael Chabon

The Final Solution: A Story of Detection – Michael Chabon

The Sirens of Titan – Kurt Vonnegut

Delicate Edible Birds: And Other Stories – Lauren Groff

Still Life with Woodpecker – Tom Robbins

Current list:

What is the What – Dave Eggers

The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss

Quick Update–

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Custom elephant listings on etsy:

More colors to come.

I feel like I’ve been trampled.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


A whole herd of elephants has sprung up from my house, gobbled every tasty thing in the vicinity, then stampeded North to hang out with small children.

First, there was the herd of eight, affectionately known as “The Herd”.


They’re pretty cute as a huddle, and also as a line:


Of course, families and holidays always bring surprises. So, an additional family unit was added to the herd:


What does that make me? Uhm, a very sleepy little elephant-maker. As people keep asking, no I am not sick of making elephants. I am slightly tired of making *nothing but* elephants, but Ill take it.

Elephant production will continue at a slightly slower pace, allowing me to (finally!!) start work on the long-promised aardvarks. They’re going to be cute; I can feel it.

I’m also starting on a somewhat larger venture, beginning with this:


More photos as progress unfolds, and in the meantime? Keep checking etsy!! I’ll list elephants etc. as I complete them.