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Thursday, July 30th, 2009

As in, that is the only e-mail I receive. I currently have four functional e-mail addresses, which may be a mistake. Maybe not though, as 98% of the spam comes through two of the addresses. Fortunately, one account will go away in a few months.

My children’s summer theatre job ended a week and a half ago, and I spent the last week up north doing this.


That is Alfred, who is my occasional best friend. He particularly likes me when I accidentally feed him english muffins.  There was also some suspicious activity that included frogs and hiking, and maybe some shoe/sock removal to wade through the swamp.

I have some knitting and sewing that needs to be photographed, but I’ve been feeling remarkably apathetic about my camera lately. I guess I’m too wrapped up in needing to clean and get rid of things, scour my car, and what else…

OH YEAH I should probably find a job. Funny how that slips out of consciousness. Any thoughts?

*I have a tendency to think of “S” as an ending letter, so it kind of looks like I typed “pams” over and over again.


Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Seven hours of children each day is exhausting. This is not a new discovery, but it’s been a while.

It would be nice if I were capable of going to bed by 11 every night, and of easily getting up before 8AM. It’s unfortunate that I’m much more likely to spend the next two weeks increasing my sleep debt and blearily croaking instructions to large groups of crazy children and a smaller group of moody ones. (And by large I mean 85.)

Now I just need someone to pay me for not finishing projects, and I’ll be all set.

7 Hours

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Is too long inside a car.

I love Ann Arbor, but I’d rather be in the Soo with my Octogenarians.

With that said, I’ve been kind of bad lately.


I don’t always like batiks, but this one was random (and plant-y) enough to get my attention.


It’s Moom‘s fault if she offers to buy it for me, right?

I’ve also been pretty good. I’ve almost finished this:


One of the nicest jersey cottons I’ve ever come across, with quilting cotton accent. I need to hem, slip stitch facings, and add pockets.

I’ve also made a fair number of these in the past week:


I’m almost halfway there? I’ll be open to discussing the actual quilting end of things in the fall when I can hold it in my lap without melting.

I’ll be wrangling children for the next two weeks as I desperately try to clean, but hopefully I’ll be able to dredge through my UFOs soon and start finishing things!!