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Don’t things ever end?!?

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Sister Mary is done.  The next project starts Wednesday; I have as opposite a role (from Sister Mary) for the next one as it would be possible to arrange.

I’m calling that a good thing; taking on a similar role right now would probably be more difficult than taking one that has no connection to her.  As it is, I really miss Sister Mary.  I wasn’t ready to be done with her.  I suppose you never really can be, but I still feel like I could have spent another month doing nothing but research nuns and Catholicism.

I guess that I really don’t want things to end, however I would like my class-related responsibilities and commitments top magically drop off the face of the earth.  If anyone would like to take care of that for me, that would be great.

Just to finalize your sense that his post has no theme or structure to it, where should I move after school?