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The Hardest Things

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

If I can stand in front of fifty people, look them in the eye, and tell them straight-faced that “in private, Christ stoned many women taken in adultery”…I can do anything.  Right?

Bring me your nun stories!!

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Sometimes I think about my life one year ago, and I feel boring.  Not because I felt that much differently about my life at the time, but because my life itself was different and more interesting to those who weren’t living it with me.

Then again, I suppose that if I posted more often I’d come up with more to say.

I guess things are still pretty interesting but it’s all happening in my head, which I’m trying to turn into the head of Sister Mary Ignatius.  I’m simply out of time.   My director gave me a book entitled Don’t Chew Jesus: A Collection of Memorable Nun Stories; it’s a fabulous resource.  I highly recommend it to any Catholics who had nuns (hellooooo, Courtois family!!  While I’m at it, please comment or e-mail me with your wonderful nun stories!  mouse AT mousesnest DOT com.  That goes for non-Courtois’s too.)

Anyhow, I know it will come together just fine but with such an extensive personality squashed into this one measly hour of religious instruction I won’t be nearly finished with it.  If “theatre” had a subtitle, we would list it as Theatre: We Need One More Week.  Right now I feel like I need another whole month…

A Short Photo Essay

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

It’s nothing special; I’ll just show you my day so far.  Er…that’s not a whole lot of activity, to be honest.  I swear I’d have done more if I didn’t have so much reading to do.

1) Life.


2) Twin Eggs!  Now the question is this: do I get so many twin eggs because I buy locally, or because I am the direct descendant of an identical twin?  Hmm.


3) The upward view from my study post.


4) Slooow sweater progress!! It’s too huge to carry about with me.


5) New Sock In Progress.  The irony just hit me for the first time in years that there are two things in my life that spell SIP in their acronymic forms.  Another occurence to ponder.  (P.S. Thanks Amanda <3 <3 without you I’d currently find it difficult to feed my Noro addiction.)


6) For good measure, my elephant pin that I photographed to send to Pengie.


Apart from these things, I’m incredibly busy.  Hence the failure to post.  I guess I should stop explaining, because it seems that’s the only thing I say anymore.

The other main thing that’s happening, apart from classes, is that I spend the majority of my time wandering around muttering under my breath about “mortal sin….Immaculate Conception…purgatory…give me a cookie, Thomas!”  The day I publicly break into the Ave Maria in Latin is the day you’ll know I’ve snapped.  It’s quite a process to impersonate a Catholic nun, as I was raised entirely without religion. Interesting, though.  If you’re lost, the play is Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You by Christopher Durang.