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Finished Socks

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008


Er…frog wanted to model.

Have I mentioned my current stash goal?  I’m required to finish three pairs of socks before I can buy one new sock yarn.  I must finish two sweaters before I can buy new sweater yarn.  Three anonymous small projects (hats, mittens, animals) before I can buy new small project yarn.

Moom‘s socks (above) are the first on this sock list.  Help me keep count!!


(Uhm…let’s just call this one blackmail.)

Stealth Moom.

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Mouse – “Moom, what is *that*?”

Moom – *Glorp.*


Evidence that the inability to walk out of a yarn store the same way you went in–with your bank account intact–is a genetic trait.  Genetic, I tell you!!  My mother went into Flying Sheep the other day on business completely unrelated to yarn, and she came out with this.  Need I make any further effort toward expressing my approval?  We’ll see what kind of project she wants to make with it.

Clearly I am back on the Planet Ann Arbor, living in the Landfill for a few weeks.  It only takes most of the day to get here from there.  Of course, day long car rides are always a viable excuse for starting new projects so I can’t entirely care.  Particularly when they come out of those car rides half finished.


I’ve got about an half an inch left to knit before I can do the toe.  A sock in a day is a pretty good haul, as far as I’m concerned.

Incidentally, for all those curious about The Wall, it can be found at 46deg. 21′ 08.52″ N. 84deg 51′ 04.51″ W.


Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Brain = mush.


Yesterday was warm enough to wear my favorite red owl dress, and also to displace Jim and Jack from their beach chairs so I could sit in the sun.


It was also a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the above.  Do you see it?  Squeaky came downstairs to perch elegantly in the bookshelf next to Grandmoom.  Something about the way she watches everything that happens out the front window reminded me of Grandaddy watching the boats.


Grandmoom herself spent some time in the kitchen..I did not ask questions.


And today?  We shot pistols next to “The Wall”.  Go figure.

*Brain dies*