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Foot Update

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Okay, so I’m not precisely sure what “sprained” entails, but what we’ve concluded about my foot is that I’ve managed to pull a ligament.  The result is a stretch of internal bruising, which began to show on the outside yesterday morning.  At this point, I have 5-6″ (square) of bruised flesh, mostly red/pink with an increasingly purple ring along the outer edge.  At one point it looks like I stepped on a blueberry and simply stained myself.  ;D

It hurts a little to walk, but I’m not limping like I was the first day.  Really, I find it more intruiging than anything else.  As I know it’s not permanently damaged, I like watching the colors change and monitoring the types of pain I feel in which region.  I secretly like to bruise because it so rarely happens.

I’m forcing Daddy to take extensive photographic evidence of my feet so I can document the progression of swelling and color change.  Once it’s all together and healed, I’ll see if it’s worth trying to string them together and post them.  You know, in case anyone else is interested…

My foot hurts…

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

…because I sprained it hiking.  I feel incredibly stupid. I am now hobbling around unstably and looking incredibly stupid.

Oh darn.  I was forced to hang around the restaurant drinking beer with The Professional Beach Bums.  Guess I’ll just have to try again next time.

Lazy Posting

Friday, July 25th, 2008

The Sneak is in town, and I am knitting.  As I have little else to say (my current schedule includes riding my bike to and from work, feeling sleepy, and trying not to think about facial twitching), I’m stealing from Sam the Archaeologist.

Playful Pasta

Don’t look at me…

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

I got nothin’.

Unless you want to know that I can still stand on my head.  I hadn’t tried in months, and after tumbling head over tail a few times my body re-found its balance.  I can still hold it for a reasonable stretch of time, too.  It feels excellent.

Other news?  Uhm.  My face has been twitching unpredictably for the last two days? (I’m conveniently going to ignore the strong implication that my body needs sleep and is determined to rebel until it gets it.)  Like I said; move along, nothing to see.


Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008


That is all.

Attention All Residents

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Whoever closed the bathroom door last night without actually being in the bathroom needs to review the agreement they signed upon moving into the green Planet residence.  (Er…someone go write that.)

No, seriously.  We don’t ever close the bathroom door when no one is in there.  Ever.  Maybe while we’re out of town?  Of course, last night someone cleverly decided to change this habit for no apparent reason.  Okay, that’s all fine and dandy, except all the lights were out and I was racing my half-sleeping mother to the bathroom.  I’m not sure why I’m making this slightly humiliating fact public, but I ran smack into the bathroom door.  Directly into it. As I said, the lights were out and I couldn’t see a thing.

Any guesses as to the culprit?  Should I post his e-mail address and hope some spambot-thing picks it up and makes his life miserable?  What do you think, Daddy?  (Actually, I think the whole thing is pretty funny.  ;D  )

Moving on.  I have some fuzzy photos to show, the first being my nearly finished and much neglected Equestrian Blazer.  All I need to do is attach the second sleeve and hide the ends.


It was a quick knit and fits reasonably well, but I tossed it aside for two reasons.  The first is that I’m worried the sleeves are going to feel obnoxiously short.  I washed the whole thing last night to see if blocking would help.  It’s difficult to tell as it’s still damp and half-seamed, but I think there is hope.  The second reason is that I have no idea what I’m going to wear under it.  It will be incredibly warm, but Donegal Tweed is *itchy*!!  Also, the color (which you can’t really see clearly in this photo) is going to be extremely touchy to match.  Hmm.

Progress on Ernestine is slightly more satisfying.


I am approximately 15% finished.  Yes, I’m still obsessively changing my Ravelry percentages at every approximate 5% of progress.  I also just joined the Ravelympics, but realized five minutes later that I now have to choose a project.  Should I do lace?  A sweater?  Design and knit a fair isle sweater in 17 days?  Does pre-designing count if I just knit the thing in 17 days? Stash knitting?  New yarn knitting?

Er…brainwave hyperdrive.  Time to go knit.

Speaking of Ravelry

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

And of the fact that I did not under any circumstances need another knitting bag:


“Self control” still appears to be a concept that is lost on me.


Also, despite my constant stress over needing to finish old projects, last night I started this:


I’d like to argue that the stress of my summer job warrants a slip.  I am still working on other things, like Daddy’s eye mask and…uh, some other things.  Let me go remember what those are.

If the shawl looks familiar that’s because it’s Ernestine again.

Still speaking of Ravelry, I’ve been spending a proportionally large quantity of my time doing nothing more than stare at the WIPs in my Projects folder. I take a childish delight in changing my progress bar at every approximate 5%.  In case anyone really feels like stalking me that closely.

I must go keep up with my percentage quirk by working on the shawl and


 Oops.  You caught me.  I swear that all I did was go to buy graph paper.  Can I help it if these cute little packets of origami paper jumped into my basket?  I couldn’t deny them.  Go judge someone who can stand up to it.  Back to the knitting and reading!

Invisible Baby Sweater

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

As in, I finished one.  It’s invisible because I gave it to the recipient absolutely as soon as I finished it, as she had to leave.  Unfortunately, that means I did not manage to get a photo.  Hopefully I’ll have one soon.  Maybe even on Maizie.  Anyhow.  This summer’s work with the Ypsilanti Artichoke Gatherers has been completed.  I’m off to stare blankly at everyday objects until they somehow regain their obvious and recognizable qualities.

Pretend it’s last Sunday.

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Because this is what I meant to post Sunday night…

Last Saturday morning I began my second Pomatomus.  By Sunday morning, I had this:


Finished socks!  Just what I needed after a week of Summer YAG; a chance to rest my voice and wear out my hands.  Unfortunately, because of the second week of slave-driving wrangling teaching children and crashing the moment I walk in the door has prevented any chance of catching up with my posts.  Oh yeah, and it’s hot again.  Oh yeah, and it’s art fair.  Maybe Moom will post about frog’s new accoutrement while I’m nonexistent.

Oh yeah, and I’m on a knitting deadline…which means I’ve gotta go.  You’ll see another finished product tomorrow Saturday night. Must make it through one more day of camp and four performances before I’m through.

Man ngiy ñelaw leggi.  Ba beneen yoon, inchallah.

ssergorP kcoS

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Last night I arrived at Houghton Lake with this:


Pretty, right?  Ten minutes (and a lot of grokking) later I had this:


One sock and a wrinkly ball of yarn.  That’s right, I frogged most of a sock.  Why?  Because I made most of the first one on US 0s before discovering that this pattern, despite all stretchy logic to the contrary, really needs to me made in a larger needle.  I was smarting about it and so did not mention it until now, when I can still have something to show for it.  I went ahead and made the second sock on US 1.5s* before frogging the first one. Stupid, stupid.

Fortunately I’ve found Pomatomus to be an extremely fast and amusing knit.  Who knows?  I may have to copy Amanda in the near future for her lovely yellow/black Koigu Pomatomus…

Despite my best efforts to avoid the dreaded Stash Acquisition…


It had to happen.  I’m planning to recreate the shawl I made for my host mother, or “Ernestine’s Shawl” as I’ve been calling it.  (Unfortunately, I never g0t a picture of her with the shawl.)  I want to write out the pattern, but I’m worried about telling people to use the Zephyr.  It’s the perfect weight for the project, but I had so little yarn left at the end of the original that I’m sure people would run out.  Seriously, it was a tiny ball the size of a peanut M&M.

This isn’t even the worst of it.  My father (yes, the man in the last post’s “blackmail” photograph) has decided that he needs an eye mask to shut out the light while he naps.  So, we collected some Panda Silk the other week.


See?  See how this is not my fault?

Okay, still not the worst of it.  It’s time.  Now that’s I’ve met her, Maizie Connell needs a sweater.  I had to buy a whole sweater’s worth of yarn!


Fortunately, Maizie is only three months old.  She wears a 9-month size though, so I bought five balls just in case.  I’m thinking Elizabeth Zimmerman’s February “Baby Sweater on Two Needles”, scaled to fit the smaller gauge.

I anticipate finishing everything but the shawl in the next week, because I actually have knitting time!!  Thank goodness.  Does that cancel out the stash acquisition?  Do I get a grace period, provided that the yarn doesn’t squat for longer than two weeks?  Time to go sharpen my Needles of Death–I MEAN–knit.  Over and out.

*Actually, I copied my boss on this one.  None of the yarn stores in the area have 1.5s in stock right now, so I’m using an average of ones and twos to get a near-1.5 gauge.  I think it comes out to slightly more than 1.5, but for the moment it serves my purposes.