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“Poor old Moom” indeed.

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

As I drove to Howard Cooper this morning with the intention of retrieving my mother–who told me to sleep in for a few more minutes–this was the activity from my telephone.

Missed Call:  Moom

Missed Call:  Moom

Missed Call:  Moom

Missed Call:  Moom

Text Message: Moom
Missed Call:  Moom

From the back seat.  Someone got a little bored??

I’m scared to cut it.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007


The only things missing from this picture are the internal zippers, cotton batting, and potentially a water-resistant layer. The handles and feet came in the mail, and I ran out to Jo-Ann’s for the D-rings, zipper, and yellow liner this afternoon. (Looks familiar, doesn’t it? I seem to be making a lot of things in that yellow lately.)

I am particularly fond of the handles.  They are quite excellent.

It looks all nice and innocent in the picture, but the next time your see it…it will be in pieces. PIECES.

When it comes to fiber arts in general, I am pretty fearless. I can successfully make patterns for sewing/knitting/etc…, I can cut steeks without cringing, I can hack the edge of a project off with a set of shears, I can spin laceweight. Sometimes though, it’s simply terrifying to start something. Partly I know how much money has gone into this project already, and partly I have a very specific idea of where I want it to go. With sewing in general–and this project in particular–there is no going back from the first painful cut.

…Of the upholstery fabric, anyway.

I also bought a liner and a zipper for the other Williamston skirt.


I can now cut pieces. I have not decided whether to make a circle skirt like the last, or something with a little more shape.

Next, to continue the parade of New Things, I have winking owl fabric.


Red for me. It was packaged with a little piece of bourbon-flavored candy.


Blue for The Sneak.

Hopefully, I can start on these tomorrow or the next day.  As soon as I finish the dragonfly dress.

Finally, I have my copy of the latest Interweave Knits.


There are about four-thousand things that I want to make, but can’t until I’m back in the country.  One of which is the cover picture.

The Tilted Duster, the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, the Minimalist Cardigan, and the Cinnabar Pullover.

The Mystery Stole is progressing slowly, but I haven’t been working on it that often.


It’s not a great photo, but it’s not really that different from the last time I showed it. Of course, I don’t have any photos of the other things I’ve been working on.  I’ll be finished with a Daddy sock soon, and then (what a novel idea) I’ll have something to show!!

I seem to love nothing more than adding projects to my queue, so I’ll be starting these socks next.


Lorna’s Laces in the MSU colorway. I’m not sure if this is specific to the East Lansing area or not, but that’s a clue as to where I was yesterday.





I guess I’ll never learn.  It’s laceweight!!  It’s for Africa!! Shut UP!!

Self Control

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

I almost just bought this.

After almost buying this.

It is the second one listed that I really really want, but fortunately I was able to control the urge. The last thing I can claim a “need” for is sock yarn.

…but still…


Friday, August 10th, 2007

I am so lazy.

I’ve been planning on cleaning all day, but I fell into a doze after work.  Now I’m sitting around.  I made this salad dressing, which I am now eating on tortilla chips.  It’s pretty excellent.  I used cumin instead of chili pepper.  I even have the television on because this house is far too large for one person.  At least I’m reading instead of watching it though.

Of course, I know very well that I need to get up and clean because I work tomorrow from ten to five-thirty.  I’ve been cutting out sewing patterns on the kitchen floor, there are towels all over the house, and I seriously need to vacuum my room.

Aforesaid laziness has prevented any vague inclinations of photography from being realized, so instead I’ll give you this.


A randomly arranged Finlayson cousin totem.


One Thing:

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007


That is all.

I don’t want to go home.

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

I’d rather stay here and laze about in the sun.  I suppose I could do that in Ann Arbor, but here I can go jump in the lake when it gets too hot.

This is a view from the cabin.

When we’re down there, we’re a little more likely to look like this:


Moom quilting

Or this:


Or this:


It’s a bit hard to take pictures when you can’t see anything properly.  I’d been sitting in the sun for a few hours, and I was pretty blind.

Whenever I’m not hanging around on the beach and burning my skin off, I’m up at the cabin with this.


Dragonfly batik in the process of becoming a dress.


Tree batik destined to become a top of some description.

When I get really smart though, I bring this down with my knitting and book.


In the mornings though, I look like this.


Every morning.  Sometimes it’s the pink nightgown, and sometimes I have a sweater.  Sometimes the sun isn’t up that far, and I don’t have to squint unpleasantly into the camera.  It’s a toss-up.

Knitting pictures soon!!

Beach Witches

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

I’m slightly dead to the world for the next few days.  I am up north with my sewing machine, a bunch of unfinished projects, and clothing materials and quilt squares.  (I am piecing the quilt by hand though, not machine.)

Oh, yeah.  I’m also here with my sneaky sister (all the way from CA), my parents, my cousins and my grandmoom.  Tadaa!!

I’ll try to sneak in later with pictures, but for now I’m going to go back lazing about on the porch with my sewing machine.  Oh, did I mention that dial-up connections are really really slow??