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Some words that I like.

Monday, June 4th, 2007

As I think of them, of course…






Pamplemousse (Fr)

Raplapla (Fr)


My problem is that I hear words that I like all the time, and then I forget to write them down. Sometimes I only like particular words which strike me as I hear them, and other times I like the physical structure and sound of everything that I say. I don’t particularly like to talk a lot, but I love tasting the shape and sound of words.

I prefer words that can be liked for their structure, rather than based on their definition. Also, there are a ton of words that I can’t stand when used in particular contexts. I should probably get over most of them as they are mostly common slang…I’m not going to list the ones I don’t like because a lot of people seem to think it’s funny to harrass me by using them. There is pretty much no easier way to make me unhappy/not like you, so I recommend that you never become one of those people.

I’ve got a final to study for in the morning, but I’ll add some more words later!! O_o


Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

I know that spam comments are inevitable.  For a while, I was getting 20-50 a day.  Then it miraculously stopped almost completely!!  It was down to about 5 a day.

I got up this morning, sleepily logged onto the computer, and there I’ve got 183 spam comments.  All comments from new people go to moderation (thank goodness), but who really has the time to sort through all that??  It’s not really a problem as I don’t often get new commenters, but I still feel compelled to check every time, just in case.

I’m into the final stretch of school, with just four days to go in Kalamazoo.  I have a french composition to write, a cumulative exam, a ten minute presentation, three rehearsals, and two sets of performances to attend.  None of these are particularly impossible, but it’s very hard to be motivated when you know how close you are, and most particularly in this kind of heat.  (I’m ready for my skin to stop sticking to itself, thank you.)

I’ll try to get back to you after my rehearsal today.  Although, I’d rather replace that with cold mint tea and a nap…