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Paper? What paper?

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

I came to the library before yoga to start my work, realized that I had less time than I thought, and went to yoga.  After yoga, I went directly to a meeting (in place of class for today) with the intention of going straight back to the library to work.  After the meeting, I realized that I’d forgotten a paper that I need to do my work.

I went back to my room for the paper, remembered some other things I needed, put them in my bag, and came back to the library.  I pulled out my computer and sat down to work, realizing at that moment that I still did not have my paper.


So, now I am venting my frustration and sulking.  A lot.

That is all.

And There Was Much Rejoicing

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

I have one class obligation on Tuesdays.  French lab.

Hey everyone,

I know this is going to be some very bad news for most of you but today’s labs are cancelled since the Mon/Wed lab was cancelled yesterday. I apologize for the late notice and hope to see you all either tomorrow or Thursday.
Enjoy your free night guys!


Oh, darn.


Monday, February 5th, 2007

I can hardly believe this. The power went out at 5 AM today, and didn’t come back until sometime after 11.

I was *supposed* to have a french quiz and homework to turn in. I was *supposed* to have read a long-and-boring article and written a response which was not finished because I was *supposed* to turn in a ten page Asian Theatre paper today.

*blink, blink.* The paper is due tomorrow, and the rest is due Wednesday. This is a very, very, very good day.

And now to finish the paper…

Okay, that’s not as bad as it sounds. It was really very nearly done, and I had two hours scheduled in between today’s classes for the specific purpose of writing the intro and conclusion as well as editing.

Oh, yeah. And it’s a first draft. I get comments and a rewrite! ;D

I am probably very nearly incoherent at this moment. Apologies?

Timetoknitarowandthendosomework.  BecauseIalsohaveresearchduetomorrow.  AndjustbecausethereisnoclassdoesnotmeanthatIdon’thavetodoanthing. Unfortunately.

I’m sleepy.

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

I managed to knit more sock while doing my french homework yesterday. I have done a few rows of the heel flap, but nothing significan’t significant.


This was in the sane part of yesterday, before I lost touch with reality. The black hole of PAPER crept slowly into urgency and has taken control of the next 25 hours.
I also finished the other front of the Equestrial Blazer while re-reading articles for my paper.


While I have technically finished all of the pieces and could start assembling, I discovered while knitting the second front that I’d forgotten to change the rates of increases and decreases on the first front. (If you don’t understand that sentence, just pretend it never happened. That’s right, move along!!) I am unpicking a row before the armhole shaping, ripping back to where I need to make changes, knitting back to the point where I separated the pieces, and grafting.

I’m not even going to touch that until Tuesday. Too much to do!!

I really have not been sleeping a lot, and it’s time to retreat into the black hole.  Knit something today!!
P.S. Sorry for the messy pictures. I don’t have the time to get up and find a better background!!

I am not alone.

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

Go look for yourself!!

(Hint: It’s Amanda)


Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

First off, this is February’s calendar page:


I love Inuit art. There is a fantastic book called Inuit Women Artists that I someday hope to acquire. “Someday” being when I have the space and security to build my own little library…Incidentally, are you sure that I *really* made those socks to fit a size 11 male goof* foot?


Alright, fine. (And yes I know that you can see the folded over toes.)


I am far, far too amused by this picture. Also, you can see the painful shortness of the cuffs in this one. I’m sure they’ll work, but I would much rather have made them a few inches longer. Next time I’ll buy three skeins of koigu use something with more yardage.

(And for those who were wondering, yes they are for Jeremy who is at school in Wisconsin and does not read my weblog. Therefore, it is completely safe to post pictures and spoil the surprise.)

I Am A Very Bad Mouse. Now write that 100 times on the chalkboard…

I bought buttons.


Wooden fish!! I don’t know why, but I could not pass them up.


This one is for the Equestrian Blazer:


And these…well…I’m sure you can see for yourself why I bought them.


I. Love. Elephants.

Still there? I’m almost done. It has been COLD here. So, last night I pulled this out:


Right. It is impossible to take a decent picture while wearing it, so you get a rather strange one draped over the chair for now. I happily hemmed the bottom edge, attached buttons, made buttonholes, and I was about to complete the last little step. All that I had left to do was attach the sleeve lingings, when suddenly I realized something.

Look closely at the picture…I put the sleeves in BACKWARD last winter. That’s right, I matched the seams in the front instead of in the back.

I am officially an idiot. So, whenever I am not working on my paper today, I shall be reversing my sleeves and thinking murderous thoughts. The buttons are pretty though:


Albeit a bit blurry, as I seem to have no skill in the Button Photography Department.

Oh, and I may have done this while I was at it…


Don’t worry, I was just winding it. Not buying. The yellow is to make handwarmers for Kelsey, and the light blue/purple is MALABRIGO in the colourway Polar Morn. I have two skeins, destined to become knee socks to go under my rainboots. Yes.

I really am terribly busy. I forgot to photograph my SIP**, but believe me that it exists. I’ve wasted enough time today as it is, or I’d show you. All this lovely yarn must sit around ALL WEEKEND while I write papers and do research. I am Not Pleased.

* That was so amazingly appropriate. I can’t believe it.

** “Sock In Progress” for all Kalamazoo College inhabitants, not “Senior Individualized Project”. Argh! I’m not going to think about it for another year and a half!!

Dear Family,

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

You are ridiculous. Finn Family Moomintroll is fully supported, so no worries.*
And now I suggest that we talk about this for a moment. Ridiculous, no??

I finished the blue socks yesterday.  They will make their way to Wisconsin on Monday.  I just missed the mail center times today, to my great disappointment.


It’s going to be a long weekend.

* Check yesterday’s comments for the full story…