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Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Well, it’s not handspun, but it’s certainly illegal.


*It’s a sweater* (Whispers)

To be specific, it is the Equestrian Blazer from the Winter 2006 Interweave Knits.

Yes, I still have socks to work on, and yes it’s not stash.  It is, however, going to be done fairly quickly.  And it’s good backstage knitting.

One of these days, I may even manage to drink my tea while it’s still hot…

Seriously Neglectful.

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

I still knit, I promise. I just haven’t been showing you the pictures. My excuse for the past few weeks is that I had finals, and they I was sleeping it off. “It” being exhaustion, intellectual capabilities, responsibilities, life…I was honestly beginning to wonder if I would ever wake up.

My excuse for this week is scrambled in the following letters (because this how I currently feel): wtekehce.* On top of this scrembled, hectic state of being, I have some sort of weird viral cold thing. Maybe. It’s not very bad, whatever it is, just a pain. My chest started to ache two nights ago, and this morning I woke up with the most ridiculous headache. It feels like someone took and addi-turbo (knitting needle, for the ignorant among you *haughty look* =D) and jammed it into my brain. And then stirred. I am foggy and heavy and the slightest edge of stuffy. On the other hand, the chest ache is mostly gone!!

I shall now proceed to pay some of my dues.


Gift sock #1, recipient please pretend that you don’t know who you are.

These This is made from Schaefer Anne. I know that I showed progress pictures at some point back in the dark ages (oh god, oh god, please no one say “eighth week”. Ninth and tenth are equally bad, but they are really part of eighth week at heart. Heart?? Hah!! I can’t believe I just said “heart”! Eighth week is a cold, heartless, ugly beast.), but I never managed to show the finished first sock because finals happened. And then…please brace yourselves. There is a reason for why the second sock does not yet exist. This is not for the faint of heart. Are you ready? *deep breath* I snapped a Lantern Moon 2.25 mm ebony DPN.

Resultingly, the following occurred. While you look, I’ll just take a few moments to weep despairingly.


Gift sock 2, recipient please pretend you don’t know who you are.

These are made from Socks That Rock in the Seastone colourway. I got this (and another skein in the Moss Agate colourway) when the company first began distributing. I am not sure that they make either colourway anymore. I really like the STR, but it has taken me a very very long time to make a sock out of it that I liked. My problem was that it kept pooling in a rather unattractive fashion, however I tried to make them. This was operator error more than the yarn, but it’s just nice to finally have a sock that turned out how I expected.

Gift toe sock 3, recipient does not know who they are (yet).

Made form Opal sock yarn. An old favorite. My favorite winter socks are those made from Mountain Colors and the squooshy merinos (like Koigu, Fleece Artist, Colinette what’s-it-called, etc..). MC for the mohair content (my feet happily chant “warmwarmwarmwarmwarmwarmwarmwarmwarm” when I wear them. It’s very funny.), and the merinos because they are soft and squooshy as I said before.


At any rate, despite those being my favorite winter socks, Opal is an old friend. Especially since it got fat. It is a good, strong work yarn that wears well from the nylon content. All purpose everyday socks. We all need a few more of those in our lives, right??
So, most of my knitting recipients know who they are. I’m just not the most secretive of holiday knitters. I probably should try a little harder, but honestly? I would prefer to have things fit when I give them to prevent re-knitting. It’s really really important. I can be a slacker, and I don’t want that to interfere.
Also, I had the pleasure yesterday of being the recipient of some blatant foisting. (Thanks Anne!) If I were not in a cafe downtown like always, I would show some pictures. One of these days, I may have to have my own foisting extravaganza.

Oh, and one more thing.


What is this?? *shh!!* I’m a bad person. Don’t tell on me. Start a new project? When I have 70,000 left to finish?? Never.

*If you don’t know what this is, make a guess in the comments!!

The plural of musk ox.

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

This is how I looked before beginning my adventure. (Remember?? The one where I look for unexpected things.) I had just finished glaring at Moom until she put her homework aside and trimmed my hair in the kitchen.

If you can’t make a normal face in a picture, why bother trying in the first place??

If there is one thing in this world that I hate, it is hair trimming. I miss having it long.

So, armed with a few less split ends and a very soft and warm alpaca sweater, we took off on a rather unpleasant mission to the mall. The only thing I can say about that is ICK. Fortunately, this mission was organized for someone else’s purposes, and only took about ten minutes.

Unexpected Thing #1:


Moom lets out a rather sudden exclamation; “Is that a santa?!?”

“..Nooooo”, I replied. Even so, we had to peer at him suspiciously and laugh before we were sure. And then we had to turn around and drive by for a picture. Documentation, you see.

Unexpected Thing #2:


“AKA”. Pronounced “ack-uh”?? No!! Also Known As, 213. How mysterious!! I just liked the anonymous aspect of someone who is also known as “213”. What on earth would that mean??

Anyone who drives with me probably knows how I am about license plates. I delight in making association based on random letters, numbers, etc… I remember numerically-based things by their palindromes and repetitions, patterns and relations. Mnemonic voices devices are my best friends!!

Recently, I have been seeing the Michigan plates with the blue M used to spell something. Such as the license plate “OUSE” preceded by the blue M. Yes, I actually saw a “MOUSE”…

Unexpected Thing #3:


I found this in my kitchen. On the left you see the stuffed rat, which was the only thing Moom and I could not leave Ikea without buying. (We are NOT shoppers.) Daddy immediately absconded with this rat (named Sniffly), and The Sneak sounded scandalized at the going-ons of our ridiculous family when I told her all of this. Don’t let her fool you though. She is one of us.

On the Right is the little mouse keychain that hopped onto my arm one day in Whole Foods. It demanded to come home with me, then hopped right up by Moom’s computer to wait for her.

Unexpected Thing #3** #4:


I took this picture at a stop sign, much like most of the other photos in this post. (I kind of like the tilt though, strangely.) Whether or not you can really tell from the picture, this is an old run-down house. I found it interesting, because while I was driving around trying to remember to look for unexpected things, I started to notice how many run-down houses are everywhere. When you grow up somewhere, drive the same roads every day, do the same things, you become immune. This is half the reason why I decided to search for “unexpected things” in the first place.

This house stood out to me because it was surrounded by leafless trees, and everything was the same washed-out color. I kind of liked it. I can see how easily I overlooked it, and how the weathered look of it made it blend in. It just doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.

Unexpected Thing #4 #5:


Look above the middle car. See the snake?? I never would have noticed it, if I had not been on a search. I don’t know what it is made of, but it even has a tongue. It made me extemely happy. I wonder how many people walk past every day, and simply fail to notice?? How many people are startled by it? Who put it there??

Unexpected Thing #5 #6:


What on earth? It is a random post in the middle of that tree!! Downtown really is a phenomenal place to stumble upon things you can’t explain. My guess is something to do with art fair.

Not So Unexpected Thing:


This is a sign in my usual parking structure. How many of you are familiar with the Sarah McLachlan song “I Will Remember You”? Well, we always sing that when we park, changing “you” to “two”. I think it was Goose who started it, but it never fails to amuse me. I thought I’d throw something into the mix that was more long-term. It was certainly an unexpected thing at the time.

It really is not hard to amuse me, or to surprise me. Just find something extremely common and mundane and change a minor detail. That’s all it takes.  Usually it’s spmething that’s really not even funny…
Unexpected Thing #6 #7:


Bridge Graffiti is my favorite thing ever. Imagine my surprise upon finding this one. There are few things in this world for which I can find more appreciation than for sheep. *Salutes the flocks*. Some ties are Indian food and theatre. Reading. Musk ox…

Unexpected Thing #7 #8:

While searching through my new(!!) Winter 2006 Interweave Knits, I found that they had included an article on musk ox. This is very obvious, but the plural of “musk ox” is “musk oxen”. I found this shocking. It was so obvious, yet I never even gave it a second thought. Musk oxen. I have to get used to this. Why did this surprise me?

Unexpected Thing #8 #9:


Kati wearing a bandana. It was just unusual enough to throw me off entirely. Bananas* Bandanas and hairbands are extremely useful when moving set into theatres.


It was certainly an interesting experiment. Perhaps I’ll try it again. I seemed to focus a lot on sight, so perhaps I’ll try it again focusing on sound or something. The things I find most unexpected about all of this would have to be the things that surprised me. Or that I noticed. And the things that I did not? I wanted to list all the songs that played on my ipod shuffle setting yesterday, but the alarm this morning messed it up.

It is 2:30 AM, and I have things to do with my life tomorrow. (Liar!!) In any case, it is time for me to go to bed, and time for me to not edit my post. =D Enjoy…

* Good lord, what on EARTH do you do with bananas while moving set?? I suppose you could eat them, and indeed I am often famished during rehearsal/move-in/strike. But really. Bananas.

** Oh, good, I see that I also cannot count.


Monday, December 11th, 2006

Alright, so I know this is terrible, but I’m not going to post my unexpected things until tomorrow.  I am too tired, and my camera cord is across the lousy house!!

Mystery Day??

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

I have decided that today, at least five unexpected things are going to happen.  Hopefully they will be five unexpected *good* things, but I’m counting good and bad just the same.  Depending on what happens, maybe I’ll make a game of it.  Five points for every good thing, and -five for every bad??  I’ll have to see what I feel like in a few hours.
These so-called “unexpected things” are not really going to be anything out of the ordinary; the only thing that will be different about today is that I plan to actively *look* for unexpected things.  Alternately, these unexpected things may just be something I look at in a new or different way today.

It is 11:55.  I’ll start in five minutes and give myself until midnight tonight to count things, then I’ll check back in.  Hopefully I can do that *before* midnight, but we’ll have to see how observant I am feeling.



Saturday, December 9th, 2006
1) Finished sweater!!
Pattern found here.

It is extremely comfortable. Made from one of the natural-color shades of Alpaca With A Twist. Alpaca is extremely warm, soft, and drapey. And the slightest bit itchy. It is a very smooth, hollow fiber, with a fairly long staple length.

I’m going to wear it every day now. =D

(Incidentally, why can’t I make a normal face in a photograph?  Just once??)

2)I’m in love with this shirt.


The color is better in person (and not on that awful carpet), a lovely sage-y green. The fabric has a bit of stretch widthwise, and a woven pattern. I think I’m going to wear this one every day also.

3) The other day, Moom and I went to the fabric store in Williamston. Have I…ever mentioned my weakness for silk?? Well…


Olive china silk


Gorgeous melting-orange dupioni silk


Another view of the orange..incidentally, dupioni silk is made when two silk worms spin their cocoons together, maker a thicker, slubby, stronger fiber. That is why it has the lovely inconsistent texture.


Blue/purple silk

I bought the olive, and Moom bought the other two. (Thanks Moom!!) There was only one yard left of the orange, and I absolutely had to have it. The blue/purple is for something that I choose not to reveal at this moment, but shall eventually show.

I am scattered and sleepy, and my sweater is absolutely too soft and warm to allow for thinking.

Starlings of the Slipstream

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

There’s no coast of Nebraska.

How Many Of Me?

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
Logo There are:
people with my name

in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

~ ~ ~
This is also funny. I am extremely glad that #1 and #8 are not true. The others are just weird. O_o
The internet can be so weird.
I sleep too much! I owe some serious knitting content, and I need to wash my sheets!!

Oh. My. Dod.*

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Go look NOW.  Have I mentioned my unreasonable love for the arctic muskox?  Don’t you just want to scoop it up and squeeze it until it sneezes?

Okay now quickly, go look at this one.  I want to ride it.  How lovely and shaggy.

And this one!  Look at it shake!!

…I am way way way too amused for my own good.

*Either you get it or you don’t.  It’s not my story, though.  =D

I slept twelve hours again. What is wrong with me??

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006
Hmm…and about that “in a few hours”…
McCall’s pattern M5277. I made version C, with minor sleeve modifications at the cuff and no lace/ruffles. (Ick.)

I know, it’s a little hard to see. It looks more brown with the flash setting than it really is…it’s actually pretty close to the color I’m wearing underneath, just shiny. =D

I need to block press (Oh, holy crap. I am *such* a knitter.) and find buttons (It’s straight-pinned shut at the moment, and yes I’m still wearing it. Laziness is my new virtue.) and if you promise not to tell, I haven’t slipstitched my sleeve linings in yet…but that’s a story for another day. Home later!!