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Never Again.

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Yes. I am talking about the stockings. Apparently I have rather freakish thighs, because the stockings would NOT stay up. I could not walk twenty yarns yards before they pooled unattractively around my knees, ready to drop to the floor. Perhaps they need to rethink their method of construction because oh that’s funny, it doesn’t work.

I have to admit that it’s a rather hilarious image, though…

I wore them in the first place because I hate having non-sandal shoes on without some kind of middle layer/sock. Surprisingly, they weren’t even uncomfortable. Provided that I didn’t move, of course.

By the end of the meal (at which I consumed a rather “unladylike” portion, as us “moving, breathing, active women” so enjoy to do), I simply wished that I could squish all the extra food bulk that had so nicely rounded out my tummy right down into my legs. Instead I removed them and gave them the worst of dirty looks. They looked appropriately rumpled and shamed. Take that, lousy degrading icky stockings!! I don’t need you.

Ironically, if they had been tight enough to stay up, they probably would have itched and cut off my circulation. How did they ever become part of women’s dress?

Whatever the answer, Renee made it all better with this!!


My Christmas present from the Courtois party, delayed when she got stuck in Phoenix. Sorry for the awful quality of hotel-photo. Right.

Who needs to worry about stockings when you are presented with a new tea mug with a little ceramic infuser inset-thing?? The colors are fantastic, and the goat is hilarious. And as though the mug were not enough on its own…



Three varieties of tea. Three of them. A black, a green, and a white. I am so spoiled. Soooooo much.

For the record though, here is my defense against being spoiled and selfish. I dropped this in a rather prompt fashion:


Sleeves that have been neglected since before the holidays…I picked them up during the wedding. =D

And picked up this:

Moom’s Xmas Socks, Part II

In an effort to prove to myself that hey…I’m really not *that* selfish. I doubt that I can finish them before I go back to school, tomorrow, what with all the packing I have left to do, but I can certainly try.

The Sneak’s dress is finished (in a sort of sloppy manner and at the last minute so she could wear it to her new year’s party), but I have failed!! No pictures!! I promise to harass her until she sends me some, and then I’ll post them. The dress is made from the same pattern as mine, except in that blue fabric.

Speaking of which, I lied. I kept talking like the blue was for me but it was hers all along. She’s not the only Sneak-y one around here.

Ah, 2006.

Ah, hotels.

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Pooh had it right. The mess of fabric thrown haphazardly over my ankles in the last post is indeed my dress. Olive china silk. She also had some fantastic suggestions for how to make something fit, which I’ll share for anyone who likes to sew:

1. Breathe deeply, and stretch. (While wearing the dress.) Maybe some of the extra looseness is to let you be a moving, breathing, active woman, not a fainting heroine of old. (I go for easy solutions first.)

2. How many seams and darts are there? Pin out a little bit more material in each, until it fits the way you want it. Restitch.

3. Add some pin tucks or pleats or gathers or beads. On the orange leaf silk, it was so lightweight that trying a zig-zag stitch pulled it up into a pin tuck.

In my case, part of the problem is a fabric that drapes considerably more than the cottons (and similar) they suggest on the pattern. Another part would have to be the fact that I had to fit it to myself. Four inches turned out to be a bit of an overstatement, caused by the awkward position of my shoulderblades while fitting without assistance.


Don’t look at my hem. I’m going to redo it later the proper way, when I’m less sleepy.

As for suggestion one, very funny. =D I approve. Unfotunately, in this case it was a matter of whether or not I would like to be wearing the dress at all. Not quite so easy to fix. D=

I decided to put the bands on at the armhole/neck before I adjusted, which turned out to be a brilliant plan. I found that my seams on the bands and the body were not matching up, although they had been perfectly in line on my sister’s. So, I removed just enough on each side to make them match up. This just happened to put the clip marks on the back section in line with each other as well…

I think there were some minor mistakes in the pattern, but in the end it all looks good. I removed about eight inches from the skirt circumference (again because of the drapey fabric), and about two inches from the body.


Bead made by my cousin Sheila. Now that I have a (sideways) picture, I can see all the fingerprints. Lovely.

And now, to change topics, let me explain to you my hatred of hotels. By explain, I really mean that I’m not going to explain because they’re too depressing to talk about.

I hate them. Hate, hate, hate. There is no air circulation. It is too hot to sleep. I never quite trust the sheets, towels, carpets, etc… Okay, so dorms are kind of the same thing…but at least in the dorms I have my own space and I can open the window. (Roommate!! I hope you don’t hate me!! =D)

One of these days, in about twenty minutes, I’m going to get dressed. I am NOT touching the hair. If I even think about trying in the most remote sense imaginable, I’ll end up looking absolutely and utterly ridiculous. This is the effect of two things combined. Firstly I cannot style hair to save my life, and secondly I cannot pull off any hairstyle that requires a lack of part.

I guess I’m just a regular little chatterbox today. And also too sleepy to edit my chattering…


Friday, December 29th, 2006

My cousin Chris is getting married tomorrow. Accordingly, this household has been sent into something of a mild frenzy.

You see, as far as I know, not one of us actually likes to dress up. My father is possibly the only one of us to own proper dress clothes.

After scouring the entire city in search of shoes, we finally found something adequate:


I wanted the brown with bronze stitching, but they did not have them in my size.

Here is why these are so nice:



I cannot wear heeled shoes. I do not like them. They hurt my feet, my legs, and my back. Also, I’m sure that I’d probably fall over if I tried to wear them.

On the topic of my feet, looklooklooklooklook!!


Amanda made me socks for Christmas. =D

And, she brought me this:

Good day.

Let’s just not talk about the mall, the difficulties of women’s underclothing, my hatred of pantyhose, and other such stupidities.

Not Funny

Friday, December 29th, 2006

One thing that I adore about sewing patterns is the fact that I wear an 8. A solid size 8 based on the measurements they give. Compare this to an approximate 2 in women’s pants and an XS in shirts. Eight sounds like a decent, respectable size.

So then, looking at my dress-in-progress…okay hold on. Let me get this straight. My measurements are exact for the size eight. I cut pieces for the size eight. I have followed all of the size eight instructions.

So why, why is the dress 4 freaking inches too loose around the ribcage??

So not funny.

Broken Promise

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

I lied.  I said that I would “talk about it all tomorrow”, but right now it’s time for bed.
After not sleeping overly much, working all day, and having dinner with a large group of people for the fourth night in a row, I have collapsed.

Basket Case

Monday, December 25th, 2006

Exhaustion has descended upon this house like a flock of knitters on a 50% off cashmere/merino blend.

Three parties in three days is too much for this absurd little creature. I am sitting on the floor, chewing on the inside of my cheek, and knitting so much that I’ve permanently warped a set of Brittany birches in the space of three days.

I feel like I haven’t moved in a week. With that said, I present to you my new and exciting basket.


Lantern Moon, how I love thee.


Detail shot


Surprise!! Pieces!!! Chinese wedding basket. And yes, I do wear socks that are not handknit (if they are wool).


Oh, look! Is that a set of 2.25 mm. Lantern Moon rosewood DPNs?? (The ebonies have been out of stock, too!! D=)

Basket lining. It is a little more green than this picture shows. Love.
I’ll talk about it all tomorrow. Promise.

Dear Family.

Monday, December 25th, 2006

I’m sure you all realize by now (if you did not before) that you will be receiving partially completed gifts come morning.

I’m sure you also all know exactly what you’re getting.  Maybe in a few years I’ll actually be discreet, but for now…

Just keeping up with tradition.

Much love,


P.S. to all, and especially to cousin Val, “trombone” in French means both “trombone” and “paperclip” in English.  *giggle giggle snort*.  “Someone” obviously needs to sleep, and that “someone”‘s got large fuzzy ears and a tail. Maybe some whiskers and a set of needles going *clickclick* in her tired little paws…

Busy, but not a bee.

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

It might be fun to be a bee, but at least this way I get to play with silk.


I was terribly excited to finish this tonight. To try it on and to dance around and listen to Ani Difranco and Sunny Day Real Estate and finish my xmas knitting. I rushed out to the store at approximately 8 and bought a large quantity (6 yards for various purposes) of interfacing at a 50% discount. The ladies who were working were extremely nice, and I had a sympathetic conversation or two about holiday hours.

I walked out to the car, still smiling, got in, and drove home. It took me to past the halfway point to realize that I still need a zipper. DKSJLFZSKLFJFdnsfkljdskljaljfddlksjdskljsdaLFKJ.


How do you wear one of these things? (Quack quack!!)


Ah, got it, got it. Human hands.

These have been done for two days.  I really wanted to make them with a feather and fan pattern but they would have been too big.  They are still pretty in the stockinette, though.  Because I did not switch needle sizes for the ribbing, they curl a bit at the hand ends and thumbs. I know the person they are for probably does not care, but I think I might take out the ribbing and redo it on a smaller needle. Hello, I think I’ll do that at work.


At work where she buys yarn. (Emily) 

Okay, that was NOT my fault.  It is quite necessary for something.  A very very worthy cause.  (Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Deep Grape).  I promise.  Old friends get presents when they need them.


When will it all end??

Psst!! Everyone!!

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Got a minute?? Good. Please go and read the Yarn Harlot‘s post entitled The Return of the Light. I want to emphasize that I am not trying to pressure anyone into giving, but I do want to spread the word. If you can give even $5, the effect will be enormous. Look at the total in the sidebar…

I gave my bit today. I’ll not be spending as much time in the coffee shop for the rest of break, nor shall I be buying yarn (exceptions made for a small gift to myself, and something for an old friend who is sick) for a while. We’ll talk about Knit From Your Stash 2007 tomorrow…

Anyway. Give if you can, but no pressure if you can’t. Knitters, you amaze me. (And thank you Stephanie for all your efforts.)


Gift knitting…


Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

I find trees to be ridiculously distracting. With the resulting consequence that I sometimes run into things…


I know, I know, everyone is showing tree pictures right now.

I love having a tree in the house. And tree smell. I am also glad that I don’t have a cat to knock it over.

Now that this is over:


My weekend…

Yes, indeed. People’s leftover food in the dressing rooms, costumes out of place, paper bags up against light fixtures, PLASTIC BAGS MELTED TO CURLING IRONS…

Okay, if you promise not to tell them, I don’t really mind so much. I mean, I would rather not clean up someone’s old food, but it’s all part of the process. I expect it, as I am sure they expect my little speeches in which I rave endlessly about my disgust, their messiness, my refusal to clean up their trash (which I’ll do regardless), and the fact that we are not their mothers. (Not that their mothers should have to clean up after them either…) And then I tell them how wonderful they are, and that the show is beautiful, and to break their legs, and that I love them.

It’s all true. I miss this job so much.

On another note, Emily is keeping a close watch on this sock.


Doesn’t it look sneaky?? For some reason, socks-in-progress have an extremely animate attitude about them. An awareness that most non-living objects lack entirely. It looks like it’s about to scuttle away and lodge itself unforgivingly in a dusty corner-lair-place so it can lie in wait for a darning needle to hop by. Then, I think it’s going to lasso the needle with its working end and devour it with an unreasonable degree of satisfaction.

But that’s just me.


Finished back (folded), and the beginnings of sleeves.

Maybe I should be finishing my gift knitting instead of making myself a sweater.  On the other hand, it is 2:30 AM and I should be sleeping.  I guess it’s all the same in the end.