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Finshed objects! =D

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

But first, an apology in advance for my suspicious lack of post-age lately.  Also, this post is going to be…well…short.  ‘Nuff said.
First the “Yarn Harlot socks”. (for those of you who may have forgotten, seeing as I threw them aside for a ridiculously long amount of time, they are the socks I was starting when I went to see the Yarn Harlot.  I know, I know.)


They are made in my default sock stitch, a.k.a. garter rib.  The yarn is Trekking XXL, and the color number is “I’m in a cafe and I forgot the yarn label in my dorm room”.  Rather fetching, isn’t it?


Well, Emily thinks so.

What else is new and exciting?


+/- 564 yds. of handspun laceweight cormo.  Mine!  Although I haven’t decided what to do with it yet and I may need to spin more, this is my first “non-test” wheel spinning.   I am quite pleased with it.

And a close-up:


The lighting was kind of crap in my room this morning, but you get the idea.

It’s not completely even, but I decided not to try for evenness.  I was mainly trying for strength in my yarn, and as far as I am concerned it is a waste (for now) to compromise the process with a worry like evenness.  =D

I have started the second sock in my Hedera pair (google “knitty hedera” for the pattern as I’m feeling way too lazy to find the link…again), and I
am about to start a pair on my other* US 1s.

Sufjan Stevens is playing, and I have ridiculous cartoons to draw.  More coffeeeeee??


*I realized that I’m not quite sure what I mean by “other”.  How many US 1s do I have in the stash…??  All I know is that I pulled out most of my sock yarn stash today.  Always a bad idea.  Don’t talk to me.

Can I *cry* softly in my little corner now?

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Because I certainly laughed softly to myself in my little corner all the way through Design class Thursday morning.  Why?  I was drawing hilarious little cartoons for my project.
No, I swear to you, they were really really funny.  I was having a grand old time.  This morning I even went down to the cafe and did half of my final copy of the project.

And of course, of *course*, at that point I realized something.  I don’t know if I really want this project to tell the story that I chose.  I partly chose it for being easy to turn into a cartoon, but it’s going to be very hard not to try and make a point with this.  I don’t want to explain it, and I don’t want to display something quite so personal to people I don’t particularly know.

I don’t know if I can turn this around in the middle.  I’m going to sleep on it though, and see if I can salvage the story.
Back to the drawing board…

(In other news…finished YH socks in the morning.  No way am I trying to photograph Emily in the dark.  Tough cookies. )

Where has Mouse been?

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

–Mouse has done three out of four large assignments for her theatre history class…all between Monday and Monday. They all took a ridiculous lack of sleep/amount of time.

–Mouse has been discovering that she cannot draw to save her life, and that perhaps she should not be quite so adventurous next time. She does not like blank looks when she tries to present things.

–Mouse has been having her spine shattered by a crazy yoga instructor. Sorry, lady, but she just doesn’t quite bend that way. Her lower back and wrist joints do not enjoy being contorted and impacted quite as much as you might enjoy contorting and impacting them.

–Mouse has been hating group projects. Hating, hating, hating, hating, HATING. Do not EVER blatantly avoid group work to her face, then tell her upon being questioned repeatedly that “something came up”. If you have to be a huge pain in the arse, at least be an honest huge pain in the arse. It’s over though…

–Mouse has been crying over her broken headphones, without which it is difficult to deal with more than three other people in a room at once. Two if they are noisy. 4+ people = Mouse’s brain collapses in the “social abilities” department. The design studio has echo-y acoustics anyway…and it is full of noisy people. She was forced to take her computer with her and just sing along to herself for the duration.

–Mouse is almost finished plying some lace/fingering-weight yarn on her spinning wheel. Pictures soon.

–Mouse is soon going to put the edging on Moom‘s shawl, then find some pins and hopefully some carpeting with which to block.

–Mouse has finished a blue sock (Hedera), but not the YH sock. Yet.


Emily the Yarn Duck would like to inform you that yes, she is still here.  As much as her beliefs truly stand with the fiber, she has been pushing me to do my homework instead.  It is difficult for both of us, but some things must be done.  She’s going to quack at me to finish grafting that toe, then force me to catch up on some neglected reading.


Is it over, yet??  *Twitch*