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Monday, October 30th, 2006

Okay, so I much prefer sleep to muffins and/or coffee.

This morning I overheatedly woke up a while before dawn, and could not sleep again until after the sun came up.

I’m blaming the fact that I sat on cold stone for some hours yesterday, and failed to notice that I had frozen myself through until I got up to walk home. Stupid, stupid. On top of being cold, I was quite dehydrated. Feverish sleep??

Anyhow, it accomplished half of something (I’m not quite sure *what* at this point, or where the second half is going) that needs to get done. Yes, that’s all the explanation I am giving. Tough cookies.

I also nearly forgot to go to yoga at 6:30, and managed to fail spectacularly at getting anything done at all. In my defense I went straight from class to the shop to dinner to yoga, but I’m still rather impressed with my lack of productivity.

Obviously I am in a distracted sort of mood. I’m going to go illegally nap stare at a page read Greek tragedy and hope that this uselessness passes soon.

Just dropping in…

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

…to tell you that I like muffins. Muffins and coffee. *nods*

And sleep.

Waiting for Class??

Friday, October 27th, 2006

It’s true.  I feel a little sillly, but we’re getting into the women’s movement in theatre today, and I am so prepared.

Last year I took American Women’s History since 1870 with an incredible professor.  She was so good that with a little reference to wikipedia, I managed (quite quickly) to piece together a cohesive overview of the women’s movement between 1960 and 1980.  See? I’m so ready!

I have a renewed love for both Rita Mae Brown and Susan Brownmiller.  I have names and dates and movements, causes and consciousness raising, I have the obligatory edge of feminist anger coursing gently through my bloodstream!

Okay, now I’m getting sort of silly.  =D  Despite that, my *Friday* class (how is this possible?) really is somehow putting an upward spin
on an otherwise worthless week.  How can time drag on so malignantly?

I’ve been in a strange in-between state with my classes, where I suddenly realize that I do not *have* to do anything else for a day or two.  Sometimes I put off my readings just to have more to do.  (For those of you who do not know me so well, this is what happens when I do not have rehearsal.  I must always be too busy for my own health and hapiness).  Then I end up exhausted, yet I still convince myself that reading in bed will be a good idea.

Enter the term “illegally napping”.  In explanation of that term, I offer a situation: yesterday I crawled into bed with my play, fully convinced that being warm would contribute to my reading ability. Then an hour until, Lairi (blurry roommate) came home.  “Oh Crap!” thought I, as I ungracefully regained consciousness and sat up too quickly, hitting my head on the ceiling.  Then Lairi left…and I illegally napped for another hour.  Resulting from this, I stumbled downstairs to see the girls and ate a peanut butter cookie while attempting to read my play through osmosis.  Oh, darn.  But the play did get read!!
C’est la vie.


Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

I came to an interesting realization about three minutes ago. It is slightly terrifying to my college student lifestyle.

I get up earlier…to increase my amount of knitting time. Seriously. Even on the weekends, I usually get up no later than 9:30. I do some very modest yoga, drink my tea/coffee, “get dressed” (whatever that means today, ranging from pajamas to yesterday’s pants to actually going through my drawers and trying to make sense of my life), and I knit.

Sometimes I still have reading to do for class at that point, although I always try to finish the night before in an attempt to avoid bad procrastination habits. Tuesday/Thursday I have an 8:30. (7:45…fifteen minutes to knit!!). On Monday/Friday I don’t have class until 1:15, leaving me with a decent chunk of time to do work for the next few days. On Wednesdays I work in the costume shop at 10. Knitting time is less important on those days, but I’m still usually up at 9!

Moom‘s jaw has left a dent on the floor, by the way. She’s staring at the screen, drooling, while Froggy hops around “grok!”ing and waving his arms in an attempt to get her to close her mouth before he loses flies to it. I am quite convinced that she never expected me to start getting up before noon when I can possibly, humanly avoid it.

Ahem.  Perhaps we ought not start discussing my bad habits…
Thank goodness for generous people. I foung a ride down Westenedge yesterday, for this:



This means that I can actually have a winter coat this year! 😉

I hope you’re exicted for me, because…uh…I haven’t owned a winter coat since middle school. This is because I have an overwhelmingly potent hatred for winter clothing in general. If you’re curious as to the last time I’ve owned a hat…

Actually, that’s the other amazing thing. I have yarn to make myself a hat!! I bought it last winter, and if I get a significant amount of gift knitting done soon I might actually be able to make it before the year is through. *crosses fingers*.

I’m not sure why it has suddenly become so important to me that I stay warm in the winter, but with any luck my actions will live up to my words. Even if we all know that this is about as likely to happen as I am likely to give away the yarn stash. (Hands OUT of the stash!! Amanda, that means YOU!) Whatever happens, I’ll post coat pictures when I am finished.

And speaking of “finished”…



Armed with lovely new socks and a fresh cup of tea, I am going to go brave my theatre history reading. Or maybe I’ll just go to bed for a month or two. Wake me up when the quarter is over…

Protected: If you are not The Sneak, the password is “cookies”

Friday, October 20th, 2006

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


Friday, October 20th, 2006

I am a seething mass of bitter and angry hatred for Sprint. I have been receiving text messages from them since I got the phone, advertising their company. Rather pointlessly, as I’ve already got the phone. No?

I was not too bothered by the text messages, as I only received them every few months or so.

Well…in the last two days I have received no less than FOUR telephone calls from Sprint, calling to ask if I want to add another line to my plan…

The answer is no. The answer will always *be* no, unless I myself decide, because of of my own needs and *without* their help that it is necessary. In which case *I*, the using customer, will contact *them*.

The strange part though, is that I first looked up the area code to try and determine who was calling. 866 is the US/Canada toll free area code, so I searched for the whole number to see what would come up. Apparently, Sprint has a history of harrassing their current PAYING customers incessantly. What are they getting out of phone spamming me several times a day on my personal line?


It’s hard to be frustrated when you’re being looked at by this:


Seriously, she is even fifteen times more adorable “in person”. At the moment, she is covered by the shawl too. In case you had not caught on yet, I am a complete child…

Also, this is my calendar picture for October:


Have I mentioned that I love birds?

This is from a 2007 calendar of Inuit art, which I have re-numbered for 2006. This is clever for two reasons:

1) I got lazy and never bought a calendar last year.

2) I’ll be on study abroad next year at this time, meaning that I otherwise would have missed out on the birds! And also last month’s Arctic muskox. (Horrors, I can’t mix the muskox! Qiviut qiviut qiviut…)

And finally…knitting content!! Yaaay!

Tonight, I plan to finish two things.

First, I plan to finish the second Hedera sock.


I have five lace repeats left, then the toe.

Secondly, I plan to finish the image in the above “password protected” entry.

Next comes the object that I plan to finish this weekend/week.


Moom‘s shawl!! I am up to the edging, as I have been for the last five weeks. I’ll give you a hint…the fifth week of classes just ended.  I need to learn to knit in my sleep.
Sarcelle has grown considerably since first pictured, although I can’t claim enormouse amounts of progress.


Although you cannot see it in the picture, I have started the section with seven pattern repeats. In sixteen rows, I can stop increasing!

Chances are that instead of finishing both Hedera and the Mysterious Other Project, I’ll finish one or the other and then switch to Sarcelle! =D

Finally, we all know what time it is…


Gift Knitting Time!!

Apparently, everyone I know really likes blue. Either that, or I just really like knitting in blue. (Also note that the bag in the corner is old, mine, and not a gift. I did make it, though! It has been faithful for about three years now, and I am pretty abusive on bags.  I highly recommend felting and Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride if you want durability.)
I will be working with Schaeffer Anne, Fleece Artist, Koigu, Opal, something mysterious from, and Mission Falls. That is just to start! I’m doing some severe stash-diving (moral support and/or cookies welcome! Also let’s not look at my bank account, shall we?) and coming up with some lovely things that simply need lovely ideas to match.

Baby steps!!

Emily is rather pleased with the proceedings. She is a Yarn Duck, you know. I am coming up with useful outlets for stash yarn!! Not only that, but as you may have noticed we took a little outing this afternoon.

It is extremely difficult to take decent pictures in a dorm room. The colors don’t show up well, and everything is somehow always blurry regardless of how still I am when I take the picture.

So, I gathered up one of my project baskets (thanks Grandmoom!), my blue bag full of WIPs, Anabelle, and of course Emily. Yes, down the stairs we walked and out onto the quad. Right out into the middle of my college campus, past a tour full of prospies and their parents, and up to table. I was hoping that no one would be out there, but of course I ran into half the campus.

When in doubt, simply act like it is commonplace and expected to photograph wooden ducks surrounded by half the stash in various states of knitted completion!!

It’s okay, they think I’m weird enough already.

Photo Post!

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Meet Anabelle. Where did I find her? You’ll see. (I don’t feel like rearranging my pictures. =D )


This morning Moom came to Kalamazoo,


and took Lairi (blurry roommate, who today is “unblurry”) and I out to breakfast at The Crow’s Nest. (Be jealous, Sneak!)


I, being rather blurry myself, ate this:


While I looked at this:

Inspirational…colors…and textures…

Anabelle’s travel arrangements are revealed! She was in box of tea, in a rather suspicious teeny-tiny package, and arrived from Berkeley California yesterday afternoon. Is there anything more painfully adorable? I thought not. I love my Sneak!


Also note the teacup and saucer, arriving from Sault Ste. Marie. Grandmoom and The Sneak, you read my mind! =D This is exactly what I needed to supplement my tea-indulgent habits.


Grandmoom also sent me some of Grandribbly. I love you both! =D Grandribbly will go somewhere safe on my dresser/desk, depending on which I manage to keep more organized.

Speaking of organization…Daddy came to Kalamazoo last Saturday to take me to Bluegrass Breakfast and to build lofts!! Lairi’s side:


Middle ground (we have plans for this…)


My side:


Yes, I know, my side is covered in crap. I need my creative clutter/organized mess!! I have started to clean (a bit…) since I took these pictures, but not much.

To end, I am lying on the bed right now. While I was climbing up, I accidentally dropped a ring off the left end of the bed (I have to stand on my desk to get into the bed). It clattered to the floor and bounced around a bit, and where did it land? Directly in a little yarn basket on the floor under my desk. Convenient, no??

There is knitting progress as well, but that is going to wait. I have outpictured you already!

I feel very loved. Thanks, family, for all appearing at once! And for no apparent reason! In various forms, of course…

Anabelle and I must go read Sophocles. Go have a knit-ful evening!!

Where do the weekends go?

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

If someone has the answer, please enlighten me as I would really like to know. And while you’re at it, see if you can figure out what happens to all the weeks…

I think they’re all mashed up together in a drain somewhere like so many over-stuffed threadbare couches, popping at the seams and spitting coils at odd angles through the worn patches.

Emily thinks I’m crazy. =D

So, I still have most of a paper to write for Tuesday. Have I mentioned before that I am the slowest writer on the face of the planet? I don’t think this one will be too bad…once I get into it a little bit. I’ve been feeling lethargic and headache-y all day, though, and it’s kind of difficult to do work when you inevitably end up staring lifelessly at this:


Handknit socks drying in the breeze.

Yes, that is an Annie Hubbard in the upper right left-hand corner. Yes, my desk is completely covered with crap, as shown at the very bottom. The worst part? No. Words. Appear. The computer screen rots my brain as I glaze over and discover (as I do every day and forget) that I can’t hold more than a single cup of tea in my body at once.

I have minimal knitting time…and no finishing time. There are at least four projects sitting in the sidelines waiting for minimal seaming/blocking/fixing, and they are stressing me out almost as much as my classes. And some of these projects aren’t even mine. D= It’s hard to finish anything though, when you barely get more than a row of knitting done in one sitting. Someday you’ll see a finished project that is not a sock.

In the meantime though, my minimal progress on the second Hedera.


To fool you…

Into thinking I’m finishing things. Really? I’ve been caught by a rather severe case of “startitis”. Read the Yarn Harlot’s second book for reference and a definition.


Sarcelle, in midnight blue.

I am in love with this pattern. The moment I saw it, I knew that I had to make it. Amazingly, it is as much fun as it is beautiful. There is patterning on every row, but it is easy enough that I’ll be able to carry it around without a chart. (Row eight may prove to be the exception, as it involves working across stitches made in the backward-loop cast-on. ick. Not really difficult, but it requires sight.)

Additional evidence of Startitis will remain undisclosed for the time, but it is here. Lurking in the corners, it is monitoring my every move. Devouring words before they hit the page, drinking my tea, strategically placing yarn and needles in my working space…

Oh, and Emily? I know that you are a Yarn Duck and are therefore immune to the negative side effects of Startitis, however I would appreciate if you would refrain from mucking about in it when we visit the yarn store. A little bit of that stuff goes a looong way…

Revise, revise, revise.

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

*bangs head against the wall*

I am the slowest writer on the face of the planet.

No, it’s true.  I promise you. In fact, I don’t even have the time just now to give you the embarrassing evidence that would once and for all convince you of my snail-like writing habits.  (Or you could just look at the crappy quality of my recent postings…) The situations, quotations, citations, and general brain mush will have to resurface at a later date.  Tough cookies.
With that said don’t doubt the fact that I’ll be sitting here, wishing I were sleeping like the dead instead of revising this lousy paper, until some god-awful and undetermined hour of morning.

On the other hand…



Still here.

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Or, I think I am anyway. I have a final draft of a paper due Friday, and a 5-10 page paper due Tuesday. As you may be able to imagine, one little mouse around here is not very happy.

This week has not started off well. I’ve had a mild headache that started Sunday afternoon, and is still hanging around. It is mostly from lack of sleep, but it is also encouraged by the weather. Does the term “hypersensitive” mean something to you? It means a whole lot of things to me.  I am in a constant battle to balance all stimuli so that I remain in a state of mental and physical comfort, and therefore function as a somewhat normal human being.  Knitting helps.  So do sunglasses.
Yesterday was incredibly bright. The combination of light and excessive color with normal sound levels was too much for me to deal with in a functional manner. While battling with overwhelming external stimuli, it is often very difficult (or impossible) for me to process information with any relevance. Do you see where this is going?

In-class group work. That’s right. My least favorite thing combined with my least favorite state of being, also combined with the one person on this campus that I can’t stand. It would be tactless to go into any further detail on the subject.  I’ll just say that I was unable to contribute anything of value to the assignment (which was crap anyway, in case you were wondering), and it was not fun.  If I can’t put my thoughts in order, how am I supposed to work with other people?  I probably should have skipped class.
Today was somewhat better. It was much darker and slightly rainy, however I was very very tired. I was literally falling asleep in my second class, although I somehow managed to absorb most of the information that we discussed. And then to take an accidental nap over my reading.

Go figure? I’m going to go have nightmares about the papers I have to write, now.