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Thanks for the pity…

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

My life-saving-taped-to-desk scheduling device *actually survived* the tea attack! It was my fatal mistake to think it was nearly foolproof. I guess that was my divine punishment for not accepting the option of its failure…However, tea is not nearly so sneaky as it appears. Do not be fooled, my ducks.

I was going to write about projects, situations, rules, the fact that stanislavski can go rot in a ditch for all I care, and all manner of other touchy subjects.  However, I realized that posting two sullen and irritable rants in a row may not be…palatable.

An overview of what I wanted to say is this:

I need to know the rules.  Need.  I have to have something to work off of.  There is nothing more frustrating to me than the feeling that I am missing something important.  This happens…oh…most of the time?  It is hard to be creative for someone else without knowing what they want.
Purple Mouse has come everywhere with me for days now.  I think people think I’m crazy.  It helps though, because I hold onto her when I can’t knit.  See?  I am such a child.  Also, I can’t sit still!

It is time to go to class, write a paper, and live in the design studio all weekend.

(I think I’m going to start scheduling in “posting time” on my desk chart. The one that is one day ahead of itself in the labeling, and none of you noticed…)

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

1) I gave an unbelievably inarticulate presentation/play introduction yesterday.  Or at least, it was probably fairly inarticulate most of the time.  If the universally blank facial expressions and scribblings were any indicator, I should probably refrain from opening my mouth ever again.  However, there is a catch to that plan.  I take my time making up my mind, but once I do I am incredibly opinionated.  I have a lot to say in that class, and I suppose if none of it actually makes sense than I’m simply out of luck.  C’est la vie.

2) Based on the disappointing outcome of my attempts to be articulate, I am now officially sulking.  The intended explanation for the scattered letters on the floor of my self-portrait box, should anyone have asked, is that they are a word that has been dropped on the floor one too many times and exploded.  Poor abused letters.  S, E, N, S, and E.  Should I perhaps have used T, A, C, and T?  Or S, T, U, D, and Y?  S, L, E, E, and P?  Until I can prove my ability to put together and present an articulate *anything*, I’m sticking with sense.  Senseless

3) Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

4) Kniitttttttiiiiiinnnnggg.


(Note in the background…a yarn-holding basket, and the printer that betrayed me.  That’s right.  In fact, two printers blew up in my face while I innocently attempted to print notes for my inarticulate presentation.  Don’t talk to me.)


5) Why did no one tell me, before it happened, that spilling tea all over your only organizational system is a bad idea?


Brain = Mush

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

…I owe you some pictures, though.

First, the mouse that I…uh…took to class today.

Purple Mouse 

I am so eight years old.  I can’t help it, though.  And let me tell you, if I have ever had a class that required a freaking stuffed animal to make it through, it is this one.  Or perhaps it’s just because of the people *in* this class…

I swear that I’ve been knitting.  Spinning too, much to the delight of some and probably the mortification of others.


Emily had quite a bit to say to me about my blatant lack of post-age lately.  Then she ruffled about a bit, and agreed to let me take a (somewhat blurry) picture.  That is Moom‘s shawl, which only needs an edging and blocking…

Also shown is the second YH sock.  It is past the heel.  I am a laazy knitter. Those have so not been touched for the last month. Also, in a moment of complete and utter distraction, I managed to make the same heel-turning mistake that I had to fix for Moom twice.

I’ll post some interesting things about classes later.  =D   Promise.
Time to check the laundry…

I know I’m not alone.

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

I hate group projects, and so do you. I even hate group work. In fact, today we had the shortest, easiest group work in the world, and I managed to hate half my group.

I don’t really want to talk about it. On top of which this is the internet, and you never know for sure who might be reading. I’ll just say that I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of working with one of these people in the past, and found it to be equally frustrating. Not to say that there is anything wrong with the actual person/people, just that I plan to avoid working with them at all costs. Shouldn’t be hard.

On top of that, I am extremely good at reminding myself–in front of large groups of people with whom I interact on a daily basis–that I can hardly ever phrase my thoughts verbally so that they make any amount of sense, and that I can be incredibly awkward socially.

The point is that I am now in an abysmal mood. I plan to spend the rest of my day sipping tea, reading for classes, and pretending that I am not in an abysmal mood. Good luck trying to find me, because I’m NOT HERE.

Meet Max.

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006


Surprise!  The hippopotomus has been named!! Okay, so I heard “Max” instead of “Macs”…but it makes a good name for a desk hippopotomus. Just be careful not to unplug him.


I have had two classes.  Theatre of Revolt is at 1:15 on MWF, and Design and Homer and Greek Tragedy are (respectively) at 8:30 and 12:40 on TR.  Revolt and Design are fine so far, and I guess I’ll just have to wait and see about the last.

For the comments on $248 being cheap for books, reconsider for a moment.  There are some reasons.  The first is that we, unlike most other schools, only take three classes at a time.  We have three terms, or quarters.  They last ten weeks, and pack it all in tight.  $248 is mid-normal here for one quarter, and on top of that…I’m not done.  I still have a course pack and a book to buy, as well as all my Design supplies.  Eek.  O_o  Believe me.  $248 + the rest of that * 3 quarters = not as cheap as you thought.  Like I said before, I really don’t want to talk about it.
I’m a little scattered.  I need to go read a play and some chapters and look up dates.

My one question is…

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Why on earth do I have a yoga class in the *library*??

Enough said. And actually, my second question (it’s rhetorical, keep in mind), is “why on earth do I have to go to class?”

My feelings about class are somewhat boosted by this:


And somewhat (more) encouraged to be dismal by this:

I really don’t want to talk about it.

It is a gorgeous rainy day, and I have Theatre of Revolt at 1:15…so I am one of the messiest people on earth, right? Well HAH! I am so trying to cheat the system. I cannot for the life of me keep up with a planner, because I just can’t bring myself to use them EVER no matter what. It could be a life or death situation: “Use the planner or die!” and I would probably just groan and walk away.

So this time around, I have taped a sheet of notebook paper to my desk and made seven columns. I can’t lose it, because that would require something really really stupid like untaping it from the desk. It would have to be an intentional maneuver if I lost it! Now I can write directly on the desk when I have something I need to do, and when it’s full I’ll replace it.

I suppose the real danger actually lies in the replacing…

Also, I swear to you that I have been knitting. I promise pictures within the week. Most of my time here so far has been spent in sleeping too much, eating too much, and crazily slapping stuff up on the walls, even though we’re going to loft our beds and move absolutely everything.


I neatened the desk directly after this photo. Stupid, stupid. There is also an addition to the wall. The calender is actually for 2007 but I’m going to be in *insert unknown destination of Mouse’s study abroad here*, so I won’t be able to use it then. I simply re-numbered the days. Any knitter will appreciate (and understand the significance…) that the picture for this month is a muskox. I am sooo completely smitten. I love Inuit art.


This is the other part of “my room” that I have decorated. This has also changed a bit…but I’ll spare you as long as you notice what is in the background. What, did you think I’d just leave it at home to collect dust and/or m~th eggs? (Just to take a note from Elizabeth Zimmerman, who refused to ever write the dirty word but instead used other characters to make up the word. It is truly a fiber addict’s swear word, as I never quite understood before this summer.)

Oh, yeah…


Payback to the blurry roommate. Hahahaha!!!

Some of my computer keys are squeaky keys since they replaced the keypad. Hmm…

“Squeaky keys”…

I’m impressed.

Friday, September 15th, 2006

We sent my computer in on Wednesday so that Apple could fix my ethernet port, eject key, and latch. It came back today all fixed!

I am in the middle of packing all my stuff…time for one last river ride before I go tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

We’ve been trying to back up my computer for a few days so that they can fix the lousy ethernet port, the lousy eject key, and the lousy latch. Lousy, lousy lousy. That means I have not managed to post…

I thought we were safe. There I was, thoroughly freezing the egg infested materials. Then I was thawing them. Then I was freezing them again. Die, die, die!! (*Maniacal laughter*)

In the first place, I have the feeling that they were old eggs and were not going to hatch.  They could have been useless.  Or, they could have been malignant, tumorous eggs filled with sneaky disgusting baby moth maggot things just waaaiting to devour my precious yarn stash.  Every…last…fiber…

Whatever they were, it no longer matters.  What matters is that there are moths in the house.  WOOL moths.  To be precise, we have webbing clothes moths, Tineola bisselliella (Hummel).  Whatever you want to call them, I have seen *five* in the last few days.  I have smashed four of those five.  Sneaky little winged maggots!

The thing is though…they are not coming from the spinning supplies!  They are also not coming from the stash, most of which is already in Kalamazoo with my lovely Liz (K)…

*shakes in terror*

Everything is tightly sealed in plastic bags.  I’m going to cry and smash moths until my wrists fall off.


Monday, September 11th, 2006


Moth eggs.

Clothes moth eggs…


Update tomorrow…


Friday, September 8th, 2006

Okay. Yes, I’ve been holding out on you. Only for a night! I swear! We needed to get acquainted. How would you feel if you were blogged by a complete stranger?

My camera is out of batteries, so I can’t show you my first single (still on the wheel), the drum carder, or detail shots. Sorry! I’ll take care of it later…if I feel like it. =D

(Oh, and by the way Moom Froggy, if you give away one more post before I even begin it, I’m going to lock you in a closet, take away your Frog Jam (although I guess I’d also be putting you into a Frog Jam…) and block your IP address. =D )

I am in love. It is an Ashford Traditional, and belonged to the mother of the lady across the street. I was looking at wheels anyway, but this one was the right price (definitely, definitely, definitely the right price) at the right time.

I should have taken the full-sized loom, too…*

*Before anyone tries to tell me it’s good that I didn’t and why, I would like to let you know that I have thought it through myself, and that my reasons are better than any you can give me. Yes, I know how large a commitment a full-sized loom is, and that is exactly why I passed it up. The real reason, rather than the superficial reasons of space and money. Sorry, but if one more person tries to act like I don’t know anything about fiber arts because I’m not an old lady, I think I’m going to spin their hair *still attached* and then strangle them with it. Just walk away on this issue.