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I am losing my mind.

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Can anyone explain my complete lack of memory and common sense in the last year? I know something is up, but enlightenment doesn’t seem to be near in my future.

On top of a whole pile of really really off the wall dreams, (most of which have slipped away increasingly by the second but all of which seem to include babies and/or lake freighters), I have managed to have no less than two fatal knitting needle accidents within twenty-four hours.

When I lost the first one, I was happily knitting away on a sock toe with two needles working and three sitting contentedly behind my right ear. Did I mention that I was also walking the beach at the time? Well, between the pond and sitting down in my beach chair one of them must have turned suicidal and made a leap for certain death on the waterline. I walked slowly back and forth, searching, but alas! It is lost forever. If that initial attempt did not succeed, it most certainly has perished in the drizzle and wind that prevailed throughout the day. O_o

(Have you had enough melodrama? Yeah, me too.)

The second one met with a much less romantic fate. It jumped headfirst into my footbath on the porch this morning and drowned itself. (Speaking of which, remind me to tell you about the last time I passed out. You know, in case I someday cease to provide sufficient opportunities for mocking and disdainful comments. This can be dredged up out of the depths and shoved unceremoniously into my face.)

Are the project gods trying to tell me something?? Have I failed to start enough new projects before finishing the old? It is a mystery that may never be solved.


I was too lazy to take pictures on our yarn adventure, but Moom managed to document most of the storefronts. I have five thousand pictures to show you, so I’m not going to describe the non-knitting stops. I’ll just tell you in advance that I fell hopelessly in love with a $50 birchbark painting, (Annie Hubbard. You really, really can’t blame me for this), and lunch was quite decent. Batty Betty was hilarious, and Grandmoom was heard to be discussing not only the proper methods of flinging a porcupine into the swamp, but also second heads of hair. Among other things.
Our first stop was the Dutch Oven Yarn Shope and Bakery in Alanson.


One of the more hilarious pictures of Grandmoom and I, with coffee, baked goods, and yarn products in hand.

I don’t know what got into me, but I escaped with no yarn. Uh…I said nothing about buttons…


Little purple buttons. They mystify me, because I’m not sure why I like them.


More purple. This one will go on a bag. I may even know which bag. =D

For the next two sets of buttons, see the entry above and the yarn below.

Our next stop was in Petoskey, and I can’t for the life of me remember the name.


The open sign, and most of Batty from the back.

This one has a small-ish selection, but it was difficult to escape without a few pounds of unwashed fleece. I resisted, if only to spare us the ride back up in a hot car with that smell.

Final yarn stop:


Here I was not so fortunate. I met my demise when I saw not only Fleece Artist:


but Mountain Colors in the Elderberry colorway. I covet these colors. My picture does not even begin to convey the genius that is this yarn. (Of course, I was photographing all this on a moving rocker. Excuse the blurriness all through.) This picture on the Mountain Colors webpage is not much better, but try to imagine a mix between the two.


Those are the last buttons that I bought in Alanson. I could not for my life get a decent picture of them, but they were my undoing. They were the *un*modest part of a modest purchase.

It would have been nice to spend a little longer wandering in Petoskey, but after our failure to find chinese wedding baskets we were starting to run out of time. With that said, next time I am totally going back to drool over the wool jackets in that one store. Yeah, you know.

I am very scattered today, so tough cookies. It is definitly time for me to go eat too much and fail to think about anything important, intelligent, useful, or in any way shape or form interesting. Don’t you wish you were here??

Oh, Frog Woman.

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

I was going to write a nice long post about our yarn adventure (and more importantly what we ended up with), but Moom was gossipping too darned much on our beach walk, and we were out an hour and a half longer than expected.  I’ll post it tomorrow, along with beach sock information for Pooh and whoever else is interested.  =D

All I have to say to Moom is this:  why don’t you go jump over some puddles with your umbrella.  Grok grok grok GROK!!!

A rash, or a rack?

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

The answer is a “rasher”.

Imagine a frying pan full of sizzling lake freighters.  =D

Valdemort, don’t you wish you were up here to know the context of that thought??
Eventually, if you are careful, the Clyde’s coma which earlier in the day both turned you into a beached whale and gave you the extra fat layer to walk in the wind begins to recede.  To go into remission.  Its jaws begin to weaken, and you feel the first twinges of something that might possibly have the potential to turn into something resembling the semblance of “hunger”.

Then you gorge yourself on dinner and little frozen eclairs.

The little sandpipers that flit around at the water’s edge leave little flat prints in the sand.  It’s a good thing we don’t have crocodiles (“flatties”, if you read Scribbling the Cat) or they’d be eaten like popcorn, three to the mouthful!
I’m glad that I don’t live a family where we “fall to our knees at the breathless beauty of the landscape and stare for ten minutes” ( O_o ), but if anyone were ever to need that opportunity we’ve got the perfect setting for it.  The lesson we shall take from this is:

If you ever end up with a truly horrible book, just walk away.  It is no sin to dispose of it quietly in the dead of night, and no one will ever know (unless you make an unreasonable amount of noise in the process).
Moom is a few inches into a sock.  I got her!

Oh, how hard it is to be lazy!

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Here I am, with a bunch of old projects that need finishing and absolutely nothing else that must be done.

Okay, I have some books too, but I can do both at once.  =D

I am reading Scribbling the Cat by Alexandra Fuller while finishing a sock and a felted laptop case.  I just now realized, as I went down into the photo section to insert the image, that I have failed to take a picture of this.  I also realized, half an instant later, that I am far too laaaazzy to care!  So instead, you get a finished project picture.


The beach socks, guarded by The Sneak’s elephant.  Emily the Yarn Duck opted to stay in Ann Arbor, so Tiger the elephant is standing in as a guest Yarn Duck Elephant.  =D  The first sock was done long ago, and the second has been lounging on the needles for quite some time.  I guess that I just needed some real beach to spur me on, because the whole cuff got finished in the short order of one day.  Soon they will make their way to the recipient, Web Momster/Dog Mom/Dog Momster.

The sock that I am now working on is…


Surprise!!  I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t rip out my Yarn Harlot sock.  I have this thing, where when I knit at concerts (etc…) I feel like I have knit part of the show into the piece. The Yarn Harlot is in this sock, as are some other good things. I just can’t rip it out.  I have fallen back in love with my simple fallback garter rib.  And the yarn.  So, in it stays!

Also, I just may have found a stash yarn (!!) that could be right for Pomatomus

Today we stopped in at


.We parked in


(Yes, I was with The Old Witch Moom.  Why do you ask??)

At this lovely location, I managed to restrain myself from buying *anything*!!  Moom was not so fortunate.  She fell into the trap that is yarn/fabric.

When I first bought the beach sock yarn, I had no idea where it would go or what sort of sock it would become.  Its destination eventually became clear to me, but we all still sort of wanted it.

Surprise!  Today there was one lonely ball still on the shelves!!  We couldn’t just leave it there, in amongst the other non-beachy yarns, so Moom rescued it.

When we got home, she made the lovely bracelet that is displayed on her site, from a kit bought in Royal Oak.  Tomorrow…she learns to make socks.

A mission for both of us, right?  ;D

Photo Blog

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Well…sort of.  A short one, anyway.  It has been a long, hard day on the beach.  The exhaustion is almost too much to bear.

Don’t you pity me?  ;D

And anyway, if I think my day was hard, you should have seen the quantities of beer which the G2s and G3s had down on the beach.  You never know if someone has already thought to provide some, so why doesn’t everyone just bring a supply?

We also had to perfect the art of “passing”, what with the snacks that accompanied the liquids.  The beach gods know, you’ve got to put down your knitting in advance in order to prepare for the burden of passing. This is an art form.  You’ve got to have both hands free:  one to pass the tray, and one to steal from the tray.  We’re all sun-drained, with muscles like sliced mango.  (Have you ever tried to pick up sliced mango?  Yeah, I thought so.  It is slippery!!)  Definitely my bedtime.  But first…


Lake freighters on the horizon.  One upbound, and one downbound.


Batty Betty (avec menagerie), Moom, and Grandmoom.


Inspirational sand and water patterns.  If I can ever get my act together, I have a plan for this one.


Goodnight all!!

Drained, or shall we say “waterlogged”?

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

I feel like a lace shawl in its pre-blocking soak. After working for 7.5 hours, Moom and I got in the car and drove up to “the great white north”, where we intend to reside in relative peace until the 23rd.
Er…some yarn investigations may take place during the so-called “radio static” time period between now and then…

But in order to distract you from the fact that I really, really cannot spend any more money on yarn until say…winter or even later, equally as important to yarn but I need to protect my stash from other sneaky knitters, more importantly, remember ma belle cousine Janet from the last entry?  *Waits while you scroll down*

She has been converted!!
Welcome to the blog world!  Now all we have to do is convince her to knit more…

Seriously though, I have to go to bed NOW.  Unless you want me to fall face-flat on the keyboard and type seventeen pages worth of the letter “v”?  Nah..pillow sounds more comfortable for my little nose.  O_o

A better knitter.

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

That is what I need to be. I need to practice a little more project monogomy, at least until I finish some things!!


Random insertion of tiger wearing frog cape. Image from Janet.  I love my family =D

Now, newer knitters (or let’s say knitters who have not yet found complete obsession), have a little advantage. They do things like this, making us swoon with joy:


Scarf for a special person, made by cousin Janet!!

But that is not all. Oh, no. That is not the crazy part! The crazy part is this:

Scarf from leftovers(!!) for The Penguin! 

They use their leftover yarn!!!

I know what you’re thinking. I know what we’re all thinking. We’re not going to tell her, because we want her to think that this is normal knitterly behaviour. She does not need to know that the rest of us stash it uncontrollably, and even though we know that it will probably sit there gethering dust for the rest of our lives, we cannot stand to part with it. You know, in case we actually manage to use up our stashes someday, which would also fulfill the obligatory “Yarn Diet” requirement.

She even thought to document the yarn label in detail, although I am far too lazy at the moment to process the image. Everyone leave comments and praise her for her lovely, lovely work!

It’s a slippery slope, ma belle cousine, a slippery slope indeed. Now come to grandmoom’s so I can start you on some socks! ;D

Blogger’s Graph

Friday, August 11th, 2006


If you have a website, you can make your own here. It growls =D grows from the center, and I re-did it about three times, just for fun! The pattern actually varies slightly each time, although the overall numbers and general structures remain the same.

Today I don’t really have anything that seems important enough to post about. I ran some errands, all of which failed in general. I made some plans, which really really failed for about the fifth time. What else can I tell you…let’s see…I made some tea?

I am sure that you see my point by now. I didn’t even manage to knit anything more than a few rows on a sock, embarrassingly enough!! Talk about pathetic!!!

I know what I can use as a distraction. This!! Moom posted about it the other day. I only had trouble with it in two spots, where I tried to do the right thing but placed the pieces very slightly in the wrong spot. So so so SO frustrating!! Anyway, go play. Have fun.

It is 12:17 AM. It is definitely time to take my bad mood self away from public forms of communication, and to remedy my knitting failure with more sock, a book, and some tea. Even though I should be in bed. To all you smart people who are sleeping, goodnight!!

Be careful when you go for the frog juice…

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

You simply never know what you might find. Really. Moom screamed bloody murder when she opened the refrigerator on my little practical joke this gory scene.

Then today, I did quite the double-take when I walked into the back room to find this:


Hmm. Go read the post on Moom’s blog (for the ninth). Does a beastie who looks like this all the time really have any business criticizing my mother’s clothing choices? I mean, I do the same things sometimes…

Oh well. This is what I have to show for myself for today:


Most of a sock foot (close to the heel!), a swatch for Moom’s shawl, and…what is that green thing hidden under the others? Another not-so-mysterious mystery, I guess. Hmm…


Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

A while back I asked for book recommendations. I have been a little lazy and have not started any of them, (except for Ishmael by Daniel Quinn so Liz doesn’t have to kill me; she had the first suggestion anyway before I posted about books!!), but I thought I would post them.

Jay was the first contributer, about four minutes after I actually posted. Well done!!

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Nikki was next, suggesting these:

The Man Who Ate The 747 by Ben Sherwood

Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld

Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Devil In The White City by Eric Larson

Anything John Irving

Moom also suggested The Kite Runner.

Still in time order, Pooh suggested

Ursula, Under by Ingrid Hill

Thud by Terry Pratchett (and Terry Pratchett in general)

Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver (and Barbara Kingsolver in general)

*Insert music of doom here* Valdemort also had suggestions…

Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein

Also, anything Truman Capote!

From Sam’s blog, I have stolen this:

The Farfarers by Farley Mowat

Finally, my humble suggestions.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

All of the Yarn Harlot books, but especially Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life Of A Knitter

Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller. (This one came from Moom originally, and she got it from Aimée.) There is also a second volume that I have not started yet, called Scribbling The Cat. I recommend that one in advance. =D

Since no one else has said it yet, Harry Potter. Come on, you know you want to! You can’t re-read them too many times, and we all need some nonsense in our lives sometimes. Do not be ashamed!! Well, even if you are, I’m not. So there.

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon. (I know that Momster, Nikki and I all liked this one.)

Enough, for now. I have listed 17 books, and six authors-in-general. I am too sleepy to think of any others for the moment, but I’ll try to do so tomorrow.

Any other suggestions welcome. Within the next three days I’ll make them their own page, listed alphabetically by author’s last name. I am hoping that people will continue to contribute!!

Too sleepy to edit. Yes.