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Quick Update…

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

…On the Canada bus murder trial.  Yuuuuck.  I wish I could hide my fascination…but I can’t.  So too bad.  ;D

I told you so.

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Remember the other week when I posted a bunch of news stories?  I’m too lazy to find the link right now, but one of them was announcing that the French government had issued arrest warrants for nine Senegalese over the 2002 Djiola disaster.  Remember how I disagreed with that?  Well, HAH!  The whole thing is horrible and I’m very sorry that those French people died, but uhm…Senegalese people died too.  Tons of them.  I’m sure that if certain people were to blame, the Senegalese would already have dealt with them.  I’ll be haunting the BBC to see how this all turns out.

News Day

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Follow-up on the 2002 capsize of the Djola/Joola in Senegal

The sad thing about this story is that the attitude toward what happened is completely different from a Senegalese standpoint than what the story leads you on to believe.  While the boat was way overcrowded and probably not sea-worthy, I can’t really believe that it was anyone’s fault under cultural ruling.  Boat regulations are significantly stricter now (I promise; I’ve taken it), but if you look at West African transportation as a whole nothing has changed.  Buses are often so top-heavy that they roll.  (I’ve seen that too.  It’s really not pretty.) The French can go after those people if they want, and I even understand why.  The Senegalese political figures will line up behind them and pretend to support, but they aren’t actually behind the search.

Political tension in Senegal

(I added this one because it’s unusual for two stories on Senegal to hit national news on the same day.  By the way, no one likes Wade.)

Social change in (West) Africa

World’s rarest froggy!!

This segment from an eye-witness report on Ike:

“City officials have asked residents to write their social security numbers on their forearms (to identify the bodies). I did mine. I don’t expect to die, but it may make someone else’s job easier. ”

Sarah Palin action figure.  Shoot me now.

Like it wasn’t hard enough to get people to take women seriously in politics without the schoolgirl outfit.  (Not–even for a fraction of a second–to suggest that I think Sarah Palin is in any way worth taking seriously as a political figure.)  Almost all the news stories about her are trying to sell her.  Not because she’s intelligent, experienced, or in any other way reflective of the people or fit for the job, but because she’s “wearing a skirt”.  News stories about her glasses and hair, and how we should all dress like her because she’s starting a trend.  Uhm, how is that political??

Oh, yeah.  By the way, in case they think they can fool us, she’s NOT A FEMINIST.  So stop saying it.  Hmph.

And last but not least, because it’s just so weird.

Once I buy batteries, I’ll (finally) be back with some photos of projects!!