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Yes I am a tailor, why do you ask?

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

I haven’t been doing anything terribly interesting lately, which ought to explain the lack of postage. Unless you count the interesting headaches and upper spinal aches* I’ve been having, which if they insist on becoming anymore interesting will be taking an extremely interesting trip to the doctor. Oh what fun.

I did get my clothes back from the tailor with only a small amount of Playing Chicken, however they are not exactly as I imagined them to be. I anticipated this, but I’m still a little disappointed. The top of the two piece outfit is far too loose, and the dress…

This is what my mother had to say about the dress: “You should not spend any more money at the tailors here. You should buy fabric and take it back with you, and make things there because this is a pretty fabric, and look!! Look what he made with it!!”

Mind you, this was said all said in rapid French. Perhaps if I get brave I’ll take a picture of the devastation. Thank goodness I have a fair quantity left.

Tomorrow is Tabaski. I’m going to hide in my house until the sheep slaughter is finished, and then I’ll be celebrating with one of my friends as my family is Christian.

Happy holidays!!

* The spine is just when I walk.

There are no classes.

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

I just wrote a whole entry about how university classes didn’t actually start, but it disappeared. To make a long story short, the international student courses have started but not the normal university courses. They fooled us again. For some unexplained reason there are still tons of students all over the campus every day…perplexing.

I have just become aware of the wonders of ibuprofen. I very rarely take medication for anything, but I came down with a fever on Thursday which kept me in bed for all of yesterday afternoon. It was the kind of fever that makes all of your muscles and joints ache, and your head float. Once I gave in to it, I was pretty useless to do much more than lie in my bed and doze. I finally decided that things were getting ridiculous, so I walked to the pharmacy. Voilà!! I took a pill, and an hour later I registered no fever at all. It still comes back, but I can knock it out for a few hours with a single pill. What amazes me is that it must have been a pretty high fever. I registered between 100 and 101 this morning, and I felt ten times better than yesterday.

I have nothing to complain about; one of my friends probably has malaria.*

I’m trying to figure out what to do with my newfound time,and so far it seems easiest to raid the Baobab Center library as frequently as possible.

I probably should be starting my Integrative Cultural Research Project (ICRP), but it’s just so much easier to put it off. Anyway, there isn’t really much I can do about it until the holidays are finished. I want to work with a tailor, but they’re all stuffed to the gills with people’s outfits for Tabaski and Noël.

This week is reserved for writing my paper for History of Islam. 8-10 pages in French…

(Photo taken in the holy city of Touba. Go research Amadou Bamba and the Mouride brotherhood if you want to understand religion in Sénégal.)

*Perhaps it would be wise to specify that she is on a different anti-malarial than I am.  Stop worry, Moom.