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My life is exploding.*

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m not really going to talk about it until I know what’s going on a little more, but I’ll give you a little hint:

It probably has something to do with my SIP.  (Senior Individualized Project, for those who don’t know.)

So, in order to avoid that, I’ve been looking at Free Spirit fabrics online.  I remembered how much I like some of the freshcut collection by Heather Bailey.

I also really like some of the Heather Ross Mendocino collection with the octopi, etc.

Finally, go here and click on Children’s Clothing.  Moom can tell you that I would have LOVED that pink smock dress.  Color and style aside,  I want to put those birds on everything I own, although at this point I just want the brown one in  an adult fit.  P.S. It has POCKETS.  I love pockets.

So, I have a lot of projects I need to show.  Like, a lot a lot.  At the moment I have very few on my camera, but I’ll work on amending that.  Maybe later today, maybe tomorrow?  For now I have these:



I’m ready to have curtains instead of blinds, thank you. I guess I’d better go work on my reading if I ever want to have a life.

*Exploding in the sense of “I’m going to be really busy”.

One, two, three, LIST!

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

(Okay, with a title like that I either have to provide a list or we all have to tilt slightly to the left.)

1) I have classes. School, I’m laughing at you.

2) I have a lot of fabric. (Uhm…yeah. About that…)

3) I have (in the very near future) a mortar and pestle.

4) I have to make travel plans.

5) I have ONLY 13 DAYS LEFT. Quick, don’t talk about it!

6) I posted this yesterday, but it got eaten. Go figure; it’s lodged somewhere in a Senegalese cybercafe.

7) *tilts slightly to the left*


Tuesday, February 5th, 2008



I could sit in the tailor’s shop all day and watch people sew. I can’t say my hands don’t ache to steal a machine while I’m at it, but it’s nothing a good knitting project can’t fix.

It is a very good thing that I have this happy power, or I’d never pass my ICRP…

Baal ma ko*

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Despite the lateness, I have no time to post today. Slept less than two hours on a boat last night.

Next time!!

* “Forgive me it”, in Wolof

Yes I am a tailor, why do you ask?

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

I haven’t been doing anything terribly interesting lately, which ought to explain the lack of postage. Unless you count the interesting headaches and upper spinal aches* I’ve been having, which if they insist on becoming anymore interesting will be taking an extremely interesting trip to the doctor. Oh what fun.

I did get my clothes back from the tailor with only a small amount of Playing Chicken, however they are not exactly as I imagined them to be. I anticipated this, but I’m still a little disappointed. The top of the two piece outfit is far too loose, and the dress…

This is what my mother had to say about the dress: “You should not spend any more money at the tailors here. You should buy fabric and take it back with you, and make things there because this is a pretty fabric, and look!! Look what he made with it!!”

Mind you, this was said all said in rapid French. Perhaps if I get brave I’ll take a picture of the devastation. Thank goodness I have a fair quantity left.

Tomorrow is Tabaski. I’m going to hide in my house until the sheep slaughter is finished, and then I’ll be celebrating with one of my friends as my family is Christian.

Happy holidays!!

* The spine is just when I walk.

Happy December!!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

The weather did cool down after my little outburst, although mostly at night.  I’ve pulled out the long pajama pants and a sheet, and I close all of my windows.  I even wore jeans when we went out last night!!  Despite that, it’s pretty hot today.

This morning when I left my house, my friend followed me down the street for about ten yards.  It was pretty funny.  I was relieved to see him because the other day, there was a dog chasing a chicken with much squawking and fluttering.  I was fearful that it was my ruffled friend, but he’s just fine.

Also, I took some fabric to the tailor last week.  I am waiting for a dress made from this fabric, and a two-piece outfit made from a solid, bright blue cotton.  The shawl is commencing, and I have found someone who is going to show me how to upload photos at the cybercafé!!

I forgot to take pictures of the pictures I drew for the tailor, but I should have them back around the 14th.  Things are a little backed up because the muslim holiday Tabaski is approaching along with Christmas, and everyone is going to the tailor.  If only I had a machine here…